3rd Annual Philadelphia Fashion Week produced by FBH Entertainment

A little snowacaine didn’t stop the 3rd Annual FBH Philadelphia Fashion Week‘s opening night VIP party at Banana Republic at Broad & Walnut Streets last night. You will recall that we covered the 2nd annual event that was held inside City Hall’s Courtyard in 2008, A spectacular event the likes of which Philadelphia had never seen. Since that period another Philadelphia Fashion Week has taken place which Philly Chit Chat covered last October with lots of fashions produced by CMK Entertainment. Can this City handle two Fashion Weeks, absolutely as both are unique in their own right and produced by fashionista’s that have a passion for presenting cutting edge, eye catching fashion with a purpose.
Kerry Scott, co-founder of FBH Phila Fashion Week welcomes guests consisting of Models, Designers, Stylists, and the who’s who of fashion celebrities and press, to the black Tie and diamond opening night party. Cheryl Ann Wadlington, Creative Director of Evoluer Image Co gave an inspirational speech. FBH one of the fastest growing modeling and entertainment companies in the Philadelphia area, was organized four years ago to serve underprivileged youth by providing a gateway to those who envision themselves working in the fashion industry. FBH provides free workshops in acting, modeling, dancing and make-up applications. FBH-The Agency also provides access and networking to some of the most talented hair stylists, runway coaches, event coordinators, photographers, fashion models and designers. Most notably, FBH has and continues to produce crowd-pleasing and exciting fashion events such as their Philadelphia Fashion Week runway shows. In addition to showcasing the latest fashion collection, a portion of the proceeds from Philadelphia Fashion Week 2010 will be donated to The Evoluer House ( for at-risk teenage girls.
The weekend shows will be held at the Crane Arts Building located 1400 N American Street in the exciting and vibrant part of Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties section. Both Friday and Saturday night admission is $35, or both nights can be yours for $60
Mervinson Lopuz, Wilhelmina Pa/Felipe Mgt and Allison Minto, Wilhelmenia Pa

Liz Thompson and Will Ball. Will tells me that the Philadelphia office of Wilhelmina Models will be opening in early spring. Their offices are almost ready in Conshohocken. Currently they are looking for interns who would be interested in assisting them.
Tish Bracy touches up a FBH fashion model. FBH Entertainment has a crew of their own models. I love the concept of FBH which is exposing talent to the fashion world that they might not have had a leg up in for whatever the reason. Although this girl wouldn’t have a had a problem she’s beautiful.
Genevieve Manzoni wearing a strapless dress her model brother created. (Couldn’t find anything on line that gave me more info on the line, sorry.)
Our friends from Omega Optical, Tracy and Steve Davis. They cringe whenever I see them and ask where my glasses are, usually in my pocket. I can see fine, except when driving. Check them out they have a shot in the Comcast Bldg in the retail area.

Francella and Sophie from Banana Republic. Francella tells me she’s a folding specialist and Sophie is BR’s top seller.
Kevin recently stated in an interview that the androgynous look is back in, the masculine but still feminine, I think dark colors are back in, the black, leather, zippers, and crazy stuff. [Laughs]
Kerry says: A lot of detail is in right now, the baggy sweaters and such. I also think by you coming to PFW you’re going to be shocked by some of the stuff these designers come up with. I tell people it’s definitely something you have to experience. Seeing it on film and seeing pictures are all one thing and in the magazines, but it’s nothing like seeing it up close. You appreciate things much more when you see it up close, those things that the camera doesn’t capture, such as the detail, the movement of the garments coming down the runway. It motivates people.

Stephanie cain, Zineman Furs Fashion Specialist with Ron and Julie Wilch.
Howard Verrlin, Kathleen Raub and Jinous Kazemi, Millesime a home and design boutique located at the Piazza in Northern Liberties.
Two FBH Models looking forward to wearing hawt clothes are Donte Wikins and Devon Stubbs. Donte says he can see just fine wearing his sunglasses inside the store. You know how that’s my pet peeve, as I always get that song stuck in my head when I see it. I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can seeeeee

La Dolce
Looking to model: and inquire about how to join.

Carla Clarkson, Marki Starr Hair Studio, Ra’Chelle Rogers, Phila-sophy PR
A shot of mine was in Michael Klein’s INQLING’s column Sunday. You might not realize, but my photos are usually published at least weekly in his column.