SHOPS AT LIBERTY PLACE SPRINGS INTO ACTION (& Did U Know Chick Fil A has a cult following?)

Recently in the news there have been numerous articles about the empty stores along Walnut Street and in The Shops at Liberty Place. Well I’m here to report that the Shops at Liberty Place are on the move and several new tenants are moving in as well as Les Richards, who used to be on the 2nd floor, is now moving to the first store in an expanded space next to Jos. Banks and across from the 3rd location of Brown Betty. That’s right now you can conveniently shop at Brown Betty during your lunch hour, instead of rushing over to 20th & Spruce street using up precious minutes of your lunch hour. (Brown Betty’s 3rd location will be on 17th Street, conveniently across the street from my friends at GPTMC, next to the Westin and the PNC Machine. I love Brown Betty’s, and their pound cupcakes.

Last Wednesday the Shops at Liberty Place held a gathering of media folks and shakers to announce the changes. You may recall one of my favorite stores is Lisa M Reisman Et Cie on Rittenhouse Street near the Square, well I am excited to announce that they will be opening a 2nd store for a limited engagement on the ground floor at the Shops in the old Douglas spot located on the first floor of the rotunda.
So stop by and say hi to Campbell States, Zac Beaver, Michael Hartman, and Lisa Reisman. Tell them that PhillyChitChat says hi.
Brenda Willis, runs The Drexel Convenient Care Center which recently set up shop in the old Verizon Store on the first floor, according to a very descriptive article in the Phila Inquirer: The first walk-in, convenient-care clinic in Center City has opened at the Shops at Liberty Place.
It is a joint project of the Drexel University School of Medicine and the Drexel College of Nursing & Health Professions Schools. Nationally, the Mayo and Geisinger health systems and the Cleveland Clinic already operate retail clinics, she said. “Some of the star health systems are already in this business,” she said. Retail clinics, which typically use nurse practitioners to treat minor problems such as colds, bladder infections, and rashes, have gained increasing acceptance in recent years. Nurses also give physicals and shots. The walk-in center, which has three exam rooms, is staffed primarily by nurse practitioners on Drexel’s faculty who will work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Primary-care doctors will sometimes be on site, and Tom McAndrew, an internal medicine doctor, will serve as medical director. No Insurance accepted yet, standard fee is $65 You can reach it thru the mall or there’s an outside entrance on 16th Street. Brenda’s left is Where Magazine’s sales whiz Brooke Fortier.Lisa M Reisman and her mom Dr. Fredricka Reisman. Professor Dr. ReismanP founded the School of Education at Drexel University, and is developing the School of Creativity. I’m impressed.
Jeff Guarcino, GPTMC chats with Deputy City Representative Margaret Hughes as Mark Randall plays a lovely melody.
Cameo swimwear will be moving in just in time for the warm weather.

Joseph Fazio, Jr, Laura Burkhardt, Publisher of Where Magazine and Thomas Westerfer, Jr.;
Chick-Fil-A I’ve always been fascinated by the Cult of Chick Fil A
I love when a new store opens and the Chick Fil A fans flock there the day before to network with other chicks, but most importantly to take their place in line as the first 100 (“We call them Chick-fil-A raving fans,” said Rob Dinsdale, the owner and operator of the company’s recently opened restaurant in Gilbert Gateway Towne Center.), some might call them cukoo’s, but I call them super savers as they get a year’s worth of Chik Fil A meals for a year (52 meals). Get your sleeping bags ready as the next Chick Fil A store to open will be at Aramingo & Butler, right across from Sonic Burger in Northeast Philadelphia.

Nate and Big E run the spin for meal at last Wednesday’s event.
Gary Kruase, Scarlett Alley and Brenda Mendte, R2L Private Events Mgr.
The Shops at Liberty Place folks include Maria Butkovic, Jeff Guaracino, GPTMC, Jill Scarlett, Debra Marsdale, Maria Hatzivasilis, and Dan Kratz
One of the best looking PR Firms in Philly PunchMedia – François Pierre, Sarah Stockman-Brown and Principle James Zeleniak.