Last week I attended the monthly GPPN meeting, (Greater Philadelphia Professional Network) Who’s mission is to provide a social, career and business development channel for the gay and lesbian professional community. Their members reside in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware and represent a diverse array of industries and professional experiences. The monthly event is held at various restaurants in Center City. This month we landed at Terra on Camac Street. (The food is delish here as I ate here about a month ago with Miss Laura B)
Thom Cardwell is the founder of GPPN, Bill Whalon and Q’N volunteer at the door. GPPN is instrumental in networking for GLBT folks to talk about business, the direction of the community and share like ideas. Thom will be one of the Hollywood Red Carpet hosts, along with Matthew Ray at Sunday Night’s Oscar Viewing Party at the Warwick.
Jeff Sotland, Tavern on Camac’s owners Dennis Fee and Stephen
Terra features new American cuisine designed and created by Chef Eric Paraskevas (Slate, Lolita) next to him is the Commissioner of the City of Brotherly Love Softball League Jeff Sotland, is just about to open Tabu, a Sports Bar at 200 S 12th Street. (On tap will be lots of Flying Fish) and Jeff Kotoff.
IBA Board Member Bill Gehrman, President at En Route Consulting , and Brett Friedman with newest IBA member Greta Russo. IBA is the Independence Business Alliance a membership-based business advocacy organization dedicated to making the Philadelphia region an influential and diverse LGBT business community with an impact on economic development, equal rights and policy issues. The IBA is an official affiliate of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).
Megan Smith, Strak & Stark, Samantha Hutcherson, Brian Ross and Olinshar Nguyen
Michael Braunstein, Local Sales Manager- WOGL 98.1 and Stephen Facenda.
Mark Bradford, Jonathan Hand and Evan Weiner
Stephen Facenda, Owner, Philadelphia Office at Viamark Advertising , Lee Frankel, Hewlett Parker and Conrad Kuhn, Weichert