St. Patrick’s Day 2010 – Joan & Pat who work with me at Kohn, Swift & Graf. Every year Pat makes Irish Potato’s. Yum. Co-worker Jared Solomon who urges you to Vote for Joe Sestak for Senator.
Then it was over to McGillins for my traditional Erin Go Crazy hitting as many bars as possible to see what everyone was up to. (BTW another important date to remember – I passed the million readers mark today, that means in less than 3 years I got 1,000,000 views of Philly Chit Chat – Yeah. So tune in cause I’m gonna start changing it up a bit. Hmm what was that about screwing around with a good thing?)
Waking Ned Divine

Danny Boy

Darby O’Gill and The Little People

Michael Collins

Part of the reason there’s no good hangover remedy is that, although the phenomenon has probably been around since humans discovered alcohol, there’s no single scientifically proven reason for a hangover, although there are correlations with the various symptoms of the “Irish flu.”
John and Lisa. Thanks John for reading PhillyChitChat everyday, I appreciate it.
Diane O’Mara, Suzanne Glass (Thanks Suzanne for my green beads, which complemented my entire black outfit) and Jim Woods. Enjoying the Green Beer at McGillins and the food. They just got out of work and only wanted to go to McGillins, who this year is celebrating 150 years of business. I wonder what they did during prohibition?
Friends and Nadine Thompson and Amy Sodos. Love that they are all sporting some green, especially love the hat. No doubt this 4some had a fab time.
Steve and Matt Taylor some kind of charity event happening on 3/19. Bridget Lavelle, Jim McNichol and very drunk girl who had been there since 1PM and couldn’t understand a word I said, but kept telling me “don’t forget to mention charity.”
Mike Mentee and friends. Someone wrote I’m with the guy with the red haired wig. Hmm (That reminds me, someone tipped me off that Larry Mente went and got his haircut somewhere in Chestnut Hill yesterday. Although always fun to know these facts, I probably wouldn’t run out and photograph that, but thanks for the tip.)
Nathan Tuno, Morgan Levine, Teresa, Anne Ryan and Joe Milliken. Morgan’s one of the million people who have read PCC. Thanks.
(This is the conversation I think they’re having.) Yo brother I got your back. She’s messin’ wit ya head. Forget her. Let’s have another drink, wear our hats backwards and get drunk, it’s fuckin’ St. Patrick’s Day Bro!!

I wonder if those sunglasses got lost by the end of the night?
A Manwich
My favorite & last shot cause McGillins was off the hook crowded and I could barely think.

Sayonara til next year McGillin’s, well of course I will still be eating lunch there every other week. (BTW McGillins amazingly chock full of gays, straights, blacks, whites, Asians you name it & a seeing eye dog, everyone was Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and they were partying there.)
Oh La La two nursing students from Jefferson who drank a lot, and I mean A LOT of vodka before they left their dorms they told me, as they were tilting over. I told the girls, go upstairs, they are so jammed in, there’s no chance of you falling over.
“I don’t understand, just 20 years ago I was able to pull an all nighter?” (Seriously, you have to love the guys suspenders, and the fact they are falling down and he can’t be bothered to fix them)
I made my way to Midtown Village where this guy needed the pole to remain upright.
as I rounded the corner I hear a familiar voice, Tony Raw they call him. Tony has a stake in RAW, Sumo and APO. I had never been to APO, so Tony had his right hand man, and cocktail mechanic extraordinaire take me around.

You got to check out the outdoor lounge, he said. We just opened for the season yesterday. He was so right, not only is it outdoors, but I love it’s style, vibe and relaxation mood. So did the two girls who declined a pix as they were enjoying their sage wisdom drinks and philly pretzels. Colan McGeehan, Caitlin McGeehan and Cristy Lughlin joing their friends and
co-workers at APO (used to be Apothecary, I hear). I asked them why they chose this place over say the Irish Pub or McGillins. They were looking for a quiet time to chit chat with their friends. One of these folks told me that Bradley Cooper was in town today, told me he stopped by the production office, damn it’s in my office building, how did I miss him. SO TIPSTERS if you see Bradley Cooper or any interesting folks, write me at the email address in the sidebar, or DM me on twitter @IPhillyChitChat and you might get a gift bag or two tickets to one of the fabulous events I go to. Or at least a clean copy of the next photo I take of you at an event, or one I’ve taken in the past. Thanks)
I called my It Girl earlier today and said HEY Girl where you going for this holiest of holidays. And she said Sampan for dinner with Mom & Jeff G. What it’s St Patrick’s Day? But dinner with family and friends should be a high priority too. Carol is super excited to see Sabs in Dancing with the Philadelphia Stars for Sickle Cell Anemia on April 18. This weekend the girls are jetting to Miami for a mother daughter weekend with longtime friends Sharon Coia and Kelly Jones, married to Seattle Hawks Julius Jones.
Jeff Guaracino, Carol Tamburino and Sabrina Tamburino Thorne.
Thanks to Randal & gang for taking good care of me at lunch and now again as a breeze thru. Love this peanut butter vanilla ice cream for dessert, or for the paparazzi on the go.
Where Publisher Laura Burkhart was enjoying a pow wow with the Sofitel’s Anthony Geistwite.
The I jetted to Hacina Saadi’s Ladies Who Supper at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel. Here are the ladies. I’m going to write a separate entry on these folks soon and what Hacina’s Dinners are about. I just wanted to note that I was here tonight. One of the ladies, 2nd from left sitting, Michelle Stock Denton, had a whirlwind day. She took the day off, went to Fado’s for breakfast at 8PM, I heard the line was a block long, it was pancakes and beer on the menu. Then it was off to the Irish Pub, McGillins and now dinner with friends at Lacroix. What a trooper, love her style. She also said she did wear green during the daylight, but changed into super style at night.
Arrived at Meritage for dinner with Matt Vlahos and Jimmy Style Contreras by 9:15PM. I had never been there to eat so it was a real treat, in fact, thanks Matt for dinner. I will write up a little something on a separate entry later this week.
But you have to see this asparagus special I had. DELICIOUS and pretty with the Quail egg on top. I also had the special which folks have been raving about Korean Short Rib Tacos. Yum.
Co-owner Michelle was so excited about the warm weather, she pulled out her putter and began to hit a few balls on the sidewalk outside. Also spotted on this warm night, Clare P, hubby and friend as well as David Orphanides (Look for his new restaurant FARE to open in June, Fairmount), Andy Heckenberger, Casey and Michael DeBaecke.

Fado at 11:15PM (reminds me of how Bennigans used to throw their parties in the parking lot in Mt Laurel NJ, tent and all)Kate Kelly and Tracy Best were beat and ready to hit the hay when I caught them leaving Tavern on Broad. Look for their new fashion/food/style blog to hit the internet airwaves soon.
On my way up Walnut Street I found the mayor (green shirt) and his bestie waiting to hit the Walnut Room, a club I have never heard of, looks like it’s in a secret batcave.

On my way to Strongbox I passed the Irish Pub. (oh as it was nearing midnight, I also passed a lot of vomit, public urination and one too many bums asking the big guy for a quarter. Look fellas do you really think anyone would give you anything but a dirty look when you call them “big guy?”)Kiss Me I’m Irish and wear a diaper? What’s this about?
Strongbox was packed, a few peeps wearing green, a couple flashing clover leaf necklaces, off the hook music, and a VIP status or wanted by my ex-wife for child support don’t take my picture stare folks. OK well you know Strongbox is pulling in the VIPs. Tonight at the StatusGlobal promoted party you could find from the New Orleans Saints – Jahri Evan and from the Vikings Albert Young. I couldn’t find the party promoters so I don’t have the pixs.
One of my objectives of the night was to see what goes on in Philly on St Patrick’s Day, is everyone drinking green beer & wearing the green? No, some folks were just out because the night was beautiful and they were excited to break bread with their friends. The restaurants/bars that seemed the most crowded were one’s with sidewalk dining or outdoor space like APO, Rouge, Parc, Devon, Seafood Unlimited, D’Angelo’s, Snack Bar, Pub & Kitchen, and Meritage. So glad al fresco dining has emerged again.