SAMPAN FOR LUNCH WITH a notable sighting. Then a peek into McGillin’s on St Pat’s Day

IF Michael Schulson isn’t a big enough draw to get you to try lunch at SampanThen the menu should do the trick. 2 weeks ago I had the pork sandwich, which is much more than just pork but I don’t have the menu in front of me. Today I had the meatball sandwich on the recommendation of my waiter, who was overly efficient in refilling my Ice Tea, getting me napkins, cause I’m sloppy and well overall just giving great service to the 20 or so that didn’t head over to McGillin’s around the corner for St Patrick’s day. This complete meal was $7, that’s right sandwich, drink & chips (foobooz has a good review of lunch menu). But it’s cheaper than a meal at a vendor and all salad bar’s in the area. More tasty than Olive Garden’s Soup & Salad, & dare I saw the hamburger at Lucky Strike. Healthier than Philly Cup Cakes, and well cheaper than two of them.
Plus you might run into someone you admire like I did today. Well besides Matthew Vlahos, my lunch date. The notable food columnist Rick Nichols from the Philadelphia Inquirer. So nice of him to recognize me and come over and chat. Actually those things still blow my mind as I am a huge fan of his.

He’s got an event coming up that I Tweeted about a few weeks back.
Saturday Mar. 27 marks the first ever oyster shucking contest at the new raw bar and restaurant Oyster House in Philadelphia. The contest begins at 2 p.m. and will separate the boys from the men — or at least, the professionals and amateurs. Prizes will be awarded in both the professional and amateur categories with food writers Rick Nichols of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Kristen Henri of Grub Street Philadelphia judging.

Then I took a quick walk back to work passing McGillin‘s which was already packed to the gills. can’t wait to go after work and dive in. (Lot’s of police presence in the neighborhood.) Bars to hold the patrons in at McGillin’s

Cause it’s packed to the gills already at 3PM. Bummer I forgot to wear green
But this guy can take care of all my green envy.
although he does look like he’s peeing on the merchandise here.