500 DEGREES BURGER IS NOW OPENED – The First Day at 1504 Sansom Street

TUESDAY I didn’t see the really super duper long line for opening day of 500 Degrees as I had to buy my Lady Gaga tickets for the 9/14/10 show and didn’t arrive until 1PM, but when I did get there the line was impressive, and it had started to rain, but that didn’t stop the folks from enjoying a few of the specials on opening day of 500 Degrees, (Five Hundred Degrees or that little symbol I can’t find on my keyboard.)
The easy to order menu. 500º is a joint love affair of Rob and his wife Maggie Wasserman (owners of Rouge on Rittenhouse Square), as well as their staff including Chef Matt Zagorski and his team who will be running the operation.
I like the yellow sign on the counter that says any pix taken today can be used for promotional purposes without pay or notification.
I’m hungry
Fresh buns and burgers ran out at 3:30PM, and I heard they had to close for an hour to get more delivered. All and all it was a successful first day.
Lookie here who I found. Krystina Kennedy of the newly formed Fat Kids Approve blog about food. Now seriously, she is not fat, I know fat, and she’s not it, but anyway she writes a fun blog about food and she’s got good taste and a keen sense of burgers. (I actually just radomly picked her and Moria Phillips out of the crowd to shoot too). Krystina (rt) told me that she’s a big fan of the Rouge Burger, but found the 500 Degrees burger more manageable.
I love that they have counter seating as well as 2 community tables
My co-worker Sofia & her friend. They waited about 30 minutes in line at which point they gave up on their buy 1 get 1 free.Notice the signage has changed again and this is the final one, simple, perfect like their burgers. Thanks to the many foodie bloggers (Foobooz, MealTicket, GrubStreet Philly to name a few), Neff & Associates and Michael Klein the word got out and the opening was a huge success. I love great ideas, openings, burgers and I love how food has become the new celebrity in Philadelphia. Over 600 burger were sold yesterday. I hear there was a line all night long.
The only thing I was disappointed in was the bathroom, no mirror to do a teeth checking. Plus who wants to walk around with a milkshake mustache. So be forewarned, bring a little compact when you go to 500 Degrees. (I previously wrote about 500 degrees HERE when I did the taste testing a few weeks ago.)
Tonight (from Dan Gross’ column last Thursday:
This job is harder than it looks Atlanta Falcons veteran Aaron Beasley, comedian Tim Adams, Mixed Martial Arts fighter Julio Rosario and HughE Dillon of will join Your Humble Narrator as judges March 24 at Delilah’s (100 Spring Garden) for the gentlemen’s club’s Entertainer of the Year 2010 contest. The event, which will award more than $12,000 in cash and prizes starts at 7 p.m. Admission at the door is $20.