CHIT CHAT PHILLY – A New Weekly Gossip Info Column

Sorry the blog entry is late today, plus if you are looking for your entry I am behind, no surprise. I’ve been out every night for the past 2 weeks, and will now be taking 2 weeks of not attending social events, I think. But I have a lot to catch up on and will be doing entries every day (& a special one on Easter), and as always if you want to hire me I will cover your event, and if you have a celebrity sighting I will go out and shoot that. Today is another series of shots I’ve taken from around town that include my thoughts. If you go to any of these places, just tell them you read it on PhillyChitChat. Thanks Parking Wars: When attending theater in the center city district, you no longer have to pay outrageous parking fees like this one at the Kimmel Center $22 or the one around the corner at 15th & Spruce $20
Take your car to The Symphony House where the Suzanne Roberts Theater is 480 South Broad Street (Broad & Lombard). ( It’s only 2 blocks from the Kimmel Center at Broad & Spruce) PARKING is $12; I hate giving away my secret, but it irritates with these highway robbery parking prices.
If you are attending the Forrest or Walnut Street Theater there’s an equally inexpensive parking garage on 11th Street between Walnut & Locust, owned by the same company and only $9 to park in the evening.

Absolute Abstract has great Philadelphia prints, and they are inexpensive. Store is on 13th Street between Chestnut & Walnut Streets
Ryann Richardson Miss Philadelphia hands over her crown this weekend to a new Miss Philadelphia. Ryann is sweet, attends Philadelphia University and has a great career in communications ahead of her.

Pageant: March 27th – Drexel University
Tickets: $25
Get your tickets by calling
the Philadelphia Theater Ticket Office at 215-735-1903

There’s a guy at the Rocky Statue who will lend you boxing gloves and shoot your photo for a buck. Now that’s a bargain. Oh and he has hand sanitizer for you to use in between glove wearings.
Open House 107 South 13th Street sells those cute Banner Bags I told you about a few weeks ago; they’ve been selling like hot cakes and were out when I stopped by, but I did see these other bags they sell. Canvas distinct Philly bags they designed themselves also $20. If you stop by tell them PhillyChitChat sent you. In fact if you stop at any of these places tell them you read it here, thanks. That way they’ll let me come again and shoot things of interest.
Philadelphia Home Art Garden (PHAG) is closing. I was thrilled for them when they moved their cute sweet store from 12th Street to a gigantic store on Walnut, but wondered how they were going to do it. Then all hell broke loose and the economy tank. Look at what happened to Foster’s in Old City a similar fate. Now they have moved back to a sweet spot 33 North 3rd Street. I hear PHAG is going to do all their business online which is great, but I would love it if they found a sweet spot in the neighborhood to open a boutique again. The two guys running it are super nice. 30% – 40% SALES right Now.
Meritage 500 South 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146-1302
(215) 985-1922

They have amazing deserts. This is the Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Bombe and it was amazing. Probably the most amazing dessert I ever had. Stop by for dinner and drinks, and get dessert or just stop by for dessert. So amazing, and for a few more dollars they do a wine pairing.
I enjoyed dinner there last week with Matt Vlahos and Jimmy Contreras. This is the very popular korean taco everyone is talking about. So very good.
Demi Moore retweeted something @anniemal said. If you are on twitter, you must follow @anniemal, so funny, raw and honest.
Not a fan of the design of the new Jewish Museum at 5th & Market. Looking forward to completion and Ingra Saffron’s take on it. What is up with that muted orange?
Mission Grill at 19th & Arch Streets so funny. I love when I come across funny signs in the City.
Mike and I saw “How to Train Your Dragon” last week. We loved it, your kids will love it, and parents won’t be bored. Mike says it’s a cross between ET & Avatar. He’s right. Your kid will want to own a dragon after seeing this 90 minute movie.
Oh I will be going on a diet again, I know I’ve said that, and I have gone to one too many eateries lately and chosen the not so Weight Watchers meal, but I’m heading back to the gym, and weight watchers and working on my speedo body. If Perez Hilton can do it, and he looks so good, I’m going to do it too. I have to.
Not a fan of this Sex and the City 2 poster. LAME. I’m thinking I might head to NYC to cover the red carpet premiere as I am such their fan.
Saw this advertisement in a local chester newspaper, wow.
I was at my friend Sue Fee’s house the other day for her daughter’s 4th Birthday. I forgot that on their kitchen window a celebrated artist friend did this rendition of a baby Sue on her kitchen window for Sue’s 30th Bday party 10 years ago.
I went to Sampan again and had lamb chops for dinner, but I stress that their lunch is the best bargain in town. A complete lunch, sandwich, soda & drink for $7 – $9. They also have noodle dishes and salads for the same combination. 124 South 13th Street. Here’s their advertisement in the new issue of WHERE Magazine “Flavors that Stick”

My favorite on the menu now.