Delilah’s 2010 Entertainer of the Year Contest was held last week, and moi was a celebrity judge. I had a great time. This was the first time I had been in a strip club since I went to Minnie’s to see Tiny Tim’s ex-wife Miss Vicki dance to Tip-Toe thru the Tulips and other numbers.

Delilah’s, will award over $12,000 in cash and prizes at its annual Entertainer of the Year Competition,
Wednesday, March 24th 2010.
This highly anticipated event will deliver powerful performances from some of Delilah’s most dynamic dancers as they compete for the coveted title,
“Entertainer of the Year 2010”.
The evening begins at seven o’clock with select open bar sponsored in part by
Grey Goose Vodka and Corona Light Beer.
To seduce your palate, gourmet butlered hors d’oeuvres will be prepared by Delilah’s award winning culinary team.

Alycia Thomas, Buffy Morgan (Marketing Director) and Rae are your bottle girls at the club
I brought along my co-worker/friend Grayson and his girlfriend Nicky Manning. Nicky has a successful business called Bizarre Boudoir where she makes the hottest lingerie and corsets. So I know they would have an absolutely fabulous time attending the Entertainer of the Year event with me.
Upstairs in the VIP/Judges lounge I found my buddy in gossip Dan Gross, and his lovely wife Holly Maher. And their friend who I never saw again after this picture.
Amy Shantz, Jamie Reibenback, Jessica Scott and Alexis Small were in attendance. And I believe were all judges too. I love how Jamie is wearing color. Color is really all the rage this season girls.
VIP spread included shrimp and snow crab claws.
Gary Thorpe, Ted Adams, Marilyn and Jack Kellmer (who you will recall was recently in the Michael Klein’s column for providing jewelery to Mariah Carey when her’s broke right before she performed at a recent concert at the Tower. He got a few tickets for his trouble, but never got to meet the diva.), Alexis Small, Jessica Scott, Buffy Morgan
Buffy is giving the judges instructions. there were rules on judging. Appearance, Talent, Routine, something else, legs
No pictures could be taken during the contest, but some of the dancers had themed pieces. I twittered to my followers that it was like watching a drag show, there was lip singing, their was dance movements, dollar bills being thrown on to the stage, but in the end there was a whole lot less clothing on the real girls.
Although I did take this one of Julio Rosario was another judge and was very popular with the shot girls behind me who occasionally would drop a glove or some clothing material on my lap and ask me to buy them a shot.

3rd-Alyssa and her show GaGa Oh La La (altho I gave her 8’s & 10’s BECAUSE this girl could work a pole like no one’s business and she even did a zip line across the stage, how the heck did she loose?) she killed her chances when she basically stated as one of her dislikes:
Darling Politics and Poles do not mix, but for her efforts she brought home $2,000

One of the judges did get a souvenir from Alyssa Gaga

2nd Place went to Randi and her show Queen of the Revolution (Prince Themed Dance). Not too much of a pole dancer, I was really basing my vote on the pole. Although most of the judges and crowd enjoyed the Prince theme. Winning $3,000

The winner of $7,000 was hot sexy Gabriella and her show Carnival de Brazil. She was a beauty, her costume divine, but I don’t recall any pole action.

The dancers gave the judges gifts. I of course loved the cupcake from the entertainer who did the “Desperate Housewife” Skit, she also was terrific on the pole, but lacked energy to remain a contender. The cupcake was good though.
Foxy would love for you guys to visit her M – Fr 11AM – 7PM; Also in the crowd that night, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Steve Thorne, Lauren O’Dorisio, John Collabelli, Kristin Foote, Hacina Saadi, several Eagles players, and a few more notables. This was a major night not only for the contestants but also for the social set of Philadelphia, as I had heard it was in years past.
Richard Brian Penn and Glenn Zieve

Monique Crawford, Tal Jacobsen, Jill Jacobsen and Stephanie Rybczyk
All in all I had a wonderful time at Delilah’s. It wasn’t at all like I envisioned as it looked like one of those night clubs from years gone by. There was a nice VIP and table section where I saw plenty of couples enjoying the shows, as well as a couple who were enjoying massages from some of the girls working there. The guests that enter the doors are consenting adults and it is all about fantasy. Delilah’s 100 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123-3134
(215) 625-2800