SWEETTOOTH Philadelphia – A Great Place to hit Your Sweet Spot for Easter –

Need help filling your Easter basket?
SweetTooth now occupies a former sweet spot familiar to many Philadelphian’s, The Pink Rose Pastry Shop
According to an article by Drew Lazor of MealTicket at the City Paper:
Philly dessert fanatics lamented the January loss of the venerable Pink Rose (630 S. Fourth St.), but it didn’t take very long for the corner space to snag a new operator. Scott Lean, whose family owned the business from roughly 1998 to 2005. Philly’s Sweettooth is the city’s best source to soothe your cravings. With over 250 candies, chocolates, nuts and dried fruits we have something for everyone. All the Pink Rose’s signature kitsch-enware (Where’s the sign. do you know McGillin’s bar takes in those iconic old signs and hangs them on their wall, HINT HINT!) is gone to make room for a big selection of around 250 treats sold by the quarter pound (price isn’t finalized, but it’ll be less than $3): dried fruits, nuts, 10 varieties of malt balls, Pez, gummis, sour stuff, all manner of chocolate, licorice, sugar-free choices and so forth. Why such a dentist-damning concept? “I love sugar,” laughs Lean, who holds a tech job down in Old City full-time.
Scott say that SweetTooth has something for everyone, and I would agree like this Crystal Rock candy (remember making this in high school?) , malt balls and soon pop rocks and vintage candy.
SweetTooth has all your Easter Basket needs, and is opened on Easter for the last minute baskets. Parking can be a little tough in the area, I’m gonna suggest Scott take phone order & run my next package of candy out to my car parked by the fire hydrant. But you really should go in the store to get the full flavored colorful atmosphere. Also Scott hopes to at some time add a couple tables so you can be surrounded by all the sweet stuff as you enjoy your treasures. Here are a few of Scott friend’s who have stopped by for a treat.
phone: 215.923.8800
address: 630 S. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147