(I’m on vacation Monday. My sister has a MAC and neither of us know how to use it for photos which is ironic since that’s what its so good for)

I’m just overwhelmed. So honored that Philadelphia Magazine would ask me to write a weekly, maybe more column as their “gossip, on the scene” blogger at their new site “The Philly Post”. (It happened very quickly too, last Thursday they wrote to meet, I met them on Tuesday and they hired me on the spot.)

It’s a dream come true for me as a fan of such legendary “gossip” writers Rona Barrett, Ruth Seltzer, Harriet Lessy, Stu Bykofsky, Michael Klein, Dan Gross, Rush & Mallow, Liz Smith and Andy Warhol. Andy only really gossiped with his friends, but his photos were gossip to me, as he capture significant moments of history. That’s what I love to do.

To write for the Philadelphia Magazine in any capacity is an unbelievable opportunity and an honor especially with all the other prestigious folks like Gail Shister, Larry Mendte and the others that I have gotten to know since the inception a few weeks back.

The Philly Magazine folks are giving me free range on how I develop the column, and since they were big fans of how I write PhillyChitChat I may write it in a similar fashion, of course without the spelling errors cause thankfully they will edit my piece. Plus I am going to add a few items that I always wanted to do on PhillyChitChat, but somehow it didn’t jell with the parameters I set up for myself. One such piece was that every once in awhile “gossip” column, that I got such good feedback on. Now that forum will definitely be on the Philadelphia Magazine site.
Here at PhillyChitChat I will be still be writing daily events for your enjoyment too, and will continue to present quality information. I probably won’t be doing as many photos, or writing as many words. I so need to get some sleep and go back to the gym!!

I’m open to your suggestions on what you think my column should focus on, well of course I am still going to write about Sabrina Tamburino. She’s my Paris Hilton sans knowable sex tape, with the life that some little girls grow up to want to be. A girl from the neighborhood, that marries the prince and lives in a castle that overlooks the kingdom of Rittenhouse Square. BUT I know there’s a lot of stories out there, as well as tips you want to share, and celebrity and Philebrity sightings.
Have a blessed holiday to all my readers.

So thank you all your support and readership.

Hughe, Philly Chit Chat