2010 Green Design Home Show at Sheldon Crossing

In one of those rare moments I am featuring an event I did not attend, but I find was interesting.

Philadelphia Basketball team the 76ers attended the Opening of Sheldon Crossing – the first Platinum LEED certified residential community. All the players were there and including more than 250 guests. The Green Design home featuring 30 eco-friendly artists, furniture makers, jewelers etc will be open and on display for the month of April…to coincide with Earth Day! The Sheldon Crossing green design home is located at 4711 Sheldon Street in Manayunk. All you need to do is call Alex at 610 825 8882 and make a donation of any kind to the Comcast Spectacor Foundation. Monies raised endow numerous local charities including the 76’ers Charities.

Evan & Simone Cairo with Mike Smash all donated art
(I was sorry I couldn’t attend this event as I am a big admirer of Denise Lehmann having read an article about her earlier this year in PGN) Denise Lehmann & Laurel Fairworth
DeniseLehmann (is an approved Energy Star builder/partner and has developed, designed and built several luxury townhome developments in Philadelphia which have received Energy Star ratings), Sixer’s ThaudusYoung, AlexPlessett (has twenty years of experience as a RE/MAX realtor in the Manayunk area and has always been involved in new construction. He currently holds the National Association of Realtors Green Designation), EricPlessett and AllisonPlessett
They even auctioned off a piece of the Spectrum floor that the team signed, which went for $600. Kinda cool.
DanielleDeMatte, ChuckWalker and JessicaWassmer. Did you know that the Phillie’s Ball Girls can’t appear at the same event as the Phillie’s Ball Players, is that not crazy? I guess they don’t have the same rules for the 76er’s, I wonder how it works for the Eagle’s. I’ll find out.
Alex Plessett with sixers
Photos: Steven Brown

Tree of Life
Denise states in the PGN article: We were in a meeting trying to decide what to do with the debris that was leftover from the construction. Alex has an artist friend, Mari Skarp, that he went to school with. He called her and she gathered almost 800 pounds of leftover wood, metal, iron, wires and plastic and is going to construct a statue called the Tree of Life, that will symbolize the interconnectedness to the earth and living green that we are trying to create with Sheldon Crossing. We’re really excited about it.