Damon Feldman’s CELEBRITY BOXING 19 GINA LYNN vs HAILEY GLASSMAN scratch that Kate Major , Michael Lohan’s fiance


We interrupt our regularly scheduled famewhore Damon Feldman‘s celebrity boxing press conference between The CBF Female Lightweight Championship contenders Jon Gosselin’s ex Hailey Glassman vs. Porn Star Gina Lynn to bring you more than 15 minutes of their fame.

As I twittered at 9PM the Bombshell dropped @ boxing bombshell media circus @ South Philly Bar +Grill. This will be all over the national jerry springer news tomorrow via web (I should stop twittering these things cause someone jumped right on it and created a story from it, although it’s is missing a few key points, like the knowledge that Hailey wrote a letter and her lawyer read it
I told you I wasn’t coming and I don’t support this. I have obligations due to the contract and I will attend the event because it’s for charity. I stand strong for my belief in equality, regardless of race, color, religion, or national origin (hmm she skipped us gay people, I’m doubly offended, once by Michelle “Bombshell” Nazi McGee & now this!!). I will not stand to be associated with anyone who is a Nazi, Anti-Semitic or racist. PERIOD THE END. HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY YOUR EVENING. MUCH LOVE TO ALL, Hailey Glassman.
Hailey it was publicized that Michelle Bombshell McGee wasn’t going to be at the press conference so you should have shown up and dropped your bombshell, then tomorrows headlines would have your picture instead of say your BFF Kate Major, a women you have more in common with then just being attractive girls, attracted to douche bags, you’re both exes of Jon Gosselin (both girls say he has a small penis, classy.)
So now the match on May 7, 2010 will be between Kate Major who one day might be Lindsay Lohan’s step-mother and Gina Lynn an actual celebrity of sorts (but hey what am I talking about I’m out here covering this and now writing about it and there is an audience. What charity is it for?)
Other folks participating in Damon Feldman‘s last Celebrity Boxing event in Pennsylvania (he’s put us on the map for these outrageous boxing matches, that seem to be as authentic as the WWF) CBF Champion Danny Mills, future Hollywood Star Tom Walton (but you could insert the name Arthur Kade here), Jesse James (not to be confused with that dog Jesse James who Bombshell slept with) and Shaunie Stylez (stars on his shirt to the left), Gina Lynn, Kate Major and Jenny Jenn from the Rad Girls.

50 year old Michael Lohan better cut back on the smoking if he plans on staying alive half as long as his 27 year old future bride Kate Major who he just got engaged to. Just in the news yesterday too, well blogs. I respect blogs.
Gratuitous shot of Gina Lynn

Was this mele during the press conference caused because
Michael Lohan was trying to bone Gina Lynn earlier in the night

Nah, it was all about Lindsay’s father mouthing off again to Porn Star Gina Lynn’s Porn Star hubby Travis Knight
things got hot and heavy and a smiling Michael Lohan rips his shirt off
again to show us what he’s been up to on his off time,
pumping iron, nips and tucks, vitamins? He fought Danny Bonaduce once didn’t he?

Things calmed down and things got back to business. reality star Shaunie Stylez and Jesse James will meet up to fight out the title which is represented by that belt, but I don’t follow sports. But one of them will be wearing the belt. Probably the less prettier one cause really do you have suffer for style that much for a belt?Later the girls make nice and pose
Gn Kang interviews sexy Gina Lynn
Hot Jenny Jenn ran across the street to Pat’s for a cheesesteak. They’re her favorite.
The attorney representing the Boxing Organization was nice enough to give me his script which was made during the press conference. It reads: “I am Kevin R Consolo, Executive Producer for CelebrityBoxing. After monitoring certain statements publicly made between Hailey Glassman and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee I feel it is in the best interest of both parties that a change be made. I make this change to protect the show and the Main Event but mainly out of respect for Ms Glassman. I do so honoring her family, heritage, and her beliefs. I will however offer Ms Glassman a chance to defend herself in the CBF ring in a Main Event Match against Michelle “The Bombshell” McGee (hughe’s note that must be in the contract that you have to call her “The Bombshell” in every statement.) in which a contractual stipulation with make Ms McGee cover her tattos that offend Ms. Glassman. The contract will be waiting for her on May 7th at the Polaris Concert Hall.
The End
Oh wait Michael Nise the founder of “Dancin’ on the Air” a show in which Haley Vaughn er I mean Kelly Ripa was discovered. And the notorious Arthur Kade. Who said to Nise, hey I wanna do a video with you, but I’m not old enough to remember your name, what is it? (someone had too much make up on)
(Secretly, you have to admire these folks, in the tradition of Howard Stern, WWF and Jerry Springer, this tight knit group of friends and colleagues have cultivated a cult, celebrity status, even though nowadays it doesn’t seem like that’s too hard to do with the rash of reality TV shows, people making asses of themselves and well Arthur Kade.

Kudo’s to Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman who wouldn’t be up to number 19 if these matches didn’t bring in money, we wouldn’t be covering them, the glossies and blogs wouldn’t be picking up these pictures & stories, you wouldn’t be reading this either.

PS I am offended by almost all of this entry and a few of you will no undoubtedly leave me hate comments that might never see the light of day, unless they’re funny. I am especially offended by Michelle Nazi Lover “The Bombshell” McGee, and I hope Hailey Glassman kicks her ass.) Also check out my new weekly gossip column at Phila Magazine Online