Last night Strongbox was to have their 3rd Re-Grand Opening or this time a new and improved opening since initially opening in 2009

But the crowds were turned away shortly after the VIP Grand Re-opening Party on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 9pm as L&I closed them down.
My source tells me that the permit for the club is for a restaurant, and as Strongbox serves cocktails and no food, it doesn’t even have a kitchen, well L&I shut them down until they get their paperwork in order. (Could be for crowd control too, it’s a small club with a huge following)

When Strongbox first opened it branded itself as an exclusive VIP Douchebag kinda club, but then the economy collapsed and the folks they were aiming to attract couldn’t afford that kind of luxury and the club closed for a few months last summer to rethink their strategy. Last September, it was re-branded and the welcome mat was out for all to enjoy, and the no douchebag sign symbolically went up on the door.

As they found their footing they tried lots of different theme’s and special nights, but it wasn’t until the “Cool Kids” Jackiem Wright and Reggie Berry created a fun party on what is usually a dead night, Tuesday. It was hugely successful, and has now spilled into other nights. Earlier this year I wrote about the “Cool Kids” party, and how you can gain admission to the popular party. It’s back to the VIP status, and it has to be as the club really only holds about 100 people, think Bungalow 8 in NYC; now you have to know the cool kids and get on their VIP list. I don’t consider it backsliding because now they have a cool kids, no douche bag vibe where even ?uestlove (Questlove, I’m not that cool I have to spell it out) would go to party. Now with a new PR Company The Nouveau Image and a new look, big things are in store for Strongbox.

Here is a list of celebs, athletes, or influential in Philly that have been through StrongBox since the Cool Kid’s Party started. (And since the tremendous success they have other party nights at Strongbox) Check out their Facebook Page

Ryan Howard-Phillies DeSean Jackson-Eagles LeSean McCoy-Eagles Jeremy Maclin-Eagles Andre Iguodala-Sixers Allen Iverson-Sixers Todd Herimans-Eagles Royal Ivey-Sixers Lou Williams-Sixers AO-And 1 Alex Thomas-Eagles Akeem Jordan-Eagles Alvin Williams-Toronto Raptors Asst Coach Farnsworth Bentley Marsha Ambrosious-Singer Chad West-Music Producer Charlie Mack D.J. Augustin-Charlotte Bobcats Nazr Muhammad-Bobcats Desagana Diop-Bobcats Larry Hughes-NY Knicks Nate Robinson-Knicks Jordan Hill-Knicks Chris Duhon-Knicks Al Harrington-Knicks Shavlik Randolph-Portland Trailblazers William Wesley-“Uncle Wes” JJ Hickson-Cleveland Cavs Juwad Williams-Cavs Jason Thompson-Sacramento Kings
The Sacramento Kings’ Jason Thompson (center), raised in Mount Laurel, joins friends Jackiem Wright (left) and Reggie Barry at the Strongbox club in Center City. Thompson was there on the eve of Friday’s loss to the 76er for his Welcome Home Party. The Public Grand Re-opening Party will be Friday, April 9, 2010. Doors will open at 10pm at which time you can see the new interior design done by The Nouveau Image, a Philadelphia based firm. Located in the heart of Rittenhouse Square at 2029 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
(I may be giving the love to those two guys, but they were not one of the 3 sources I talked to)