My Trip to Charlotte, NC to Visit My Sisters

What is this bug? We picked it up along the Skyline Drive in Virginia; I recommend you take lots of Dramamine before you embark on it. I had Mike turn the car around after the first 10 miles of hairpin turns as there was no way I was going to make it the next 80 miles like that.
I did get this one shot before I turned around and left. I miscalculated Spring. Since the Appalachians are a tad higher than sea level Spring had not arrived yet.

Spring along I-81
Taken at 75MPH, not bad. I really should stop and smell the roses & take some pictures.
I love this shot. Often I forget there are men and women fighting for our country around the world. Thanks, you’re in my prayers. This is in New Market, Va
Almost there. 10 hrs from Philly, to Lancaster Pa to pick up my niece then to Charlotte, NC

My other niece (Judy’s daughter) was already in Charlotte visiting. Before her mother became ill, Colleen was living and going to school in Charlotte, working as an aupair and getting her LPN. Boy did that LPN come in handy when her mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Colleen gave up her schooling and her friends to return home to care for her mother. I am grateful, and admire her a great deal.Oh my little pride’s & joys. Crista’s kids Michael Jr & Bo
The boys visit Grace down the street. They’ve never met the owner, but everyday on the way to the park they stop by to say hi. Woof!!!
The dollar goes a long way in Charlotte, NC; it is definitely a great place to raise a family too. Very diverse, preppy, church going peeps, families and shopping. Every development has their own upscale shopping center.
Easter Breakfast at the Bateman’s
Mike & baby bo
greatest shot

It was the first time I got to see The DeFeo Family Inline Rink. My sister Janine and her hubby Tom wanted to give back to the community so they bought them an inline hockey rink for their local YMCA. Tommy’s been with Microsoft since it’s teenage years. Here’s Janine and son TJ, who is an championship ice hockey player.
Dad Michael and baby bo on the swings. Michael is originally from Cinnaminson, NH

After Easter dinner. Munley cousins, Crista and Tommy.

Cousins different but close. Nicole is edging, artistic and loves shopping at Hot Topic. Kelsey girly girl whose favorite color is pink. Athletic and high spirited.

Everyone should do their Easter Egg Hunt with prepackaged eggs. $14 for 50, damn where were you all my life?
Did I mention the dollar goes far down there?
To relieve the stress of a day at the office Tommy has taken up lego’s and he is a serious builder. Did you know this summer LEGO animals will be part of new exhibit at Philly Zoo? I’ll get to hang out with Tommy & my sister Janine. So excited.Crista and Bo
I gave each of my sisters key chains for Easter from John Wind. Proceeds got to fight AIDS. The fight not over yet. I miss my best friend Shaun Conley, and close friends Wayne Cohen, Michael Root and a handful of wonderful people who died before their time.
The Boys on their rockers. These will be the only dogs in the house for a couple years.
I told my sister she needed a picture of Michael’s clothes because he’s not going be this size forever, and you know when you buy your kids clothes they are really thought out. Then each outfit worn at an event holds a special meaning.
My niece Kelsey’s kicks. She’s so cool
Everyone says Michael Jr is mini me. He chats alot, is very curious and is a night owl. I gave him this Phillie’s hat that I had gotten from a Cole Hamel’s charity event. He’s adorable and he calls me Uncle Chewy.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for all your support and readership this past week.