Dancing With The Philadelphia Stars to benefit Sickle Cell Anemia PHOTOS 4/18/10

Last night’s 2nd Annual Dancing With The Philadelphia Stars, Philadelphia Dancing with the Philly Stars benefiting the Sickle cell Disease Association of Philadelphia, Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Chapter and taking place at the Hyatt Regency at Penns Landing was a huge success!
People were decked out

Congratulations to Nadia and Jimmy Maransky who are expecting a baby in October, with her is Wire 96.5’s G-N Kang, Erin Elmore, Sabrina Tamburino and Dana Spain. Stanley A. Simpkins, Executive Director of SCDAA/PDVC greets his guests
Alethia Goins, Dionne Jackson, Damian S. Jackson, Esq., Chairman of the Board, Benjamin Goins
Krystal Souvanlasy, Gillian Lankford, Federica Consolazione, Shana Vitott, Claire Jarvis, Audrey Julienne, Delphine Evenchik
Nikki and Eric Collier, Tracy and David Merrick
Carol Tamburino (cream dress) sold over 6 tables for the event filled with family and friends. Then bought a full page ad in the program wishing her daughter good luck. This is what it’s all about, thanks Carol the proceeds will go a long way in helping fight Sickle Cell Anemia.
Peggy and Ashley Elmore came all the way in from Pittsburgh, to support the organization and Erin Elmore, last year’s winner of Phila Dancing with the Stars.
Japonica Edwards, Tracy Merrick, Alexis Merrick and Anessa Lloyd

Lauren D’Orisio, Sabrina Tamburino and Nicole Cashman. Nicole’s mother was also on hand to enjoy the festivities.
Edward Goldstein and Lesley Kozloff Goldstein are always in it for the fun
Andrew Henning and Jill Rizen crossed the bridge to join us. Jill tells me that Andy did the sweetest thing by converting one of the smaller bedrooms in their house to her closet. Now that’s a closet.

Congratulations to Lauren Beloff and Anthony Sembello for their recent engagement. He popped the question while they were off on a romantic trip in St. Barts.
Sabrina supports, Craig Robinson, from the upcoming 6ABC’s “The Bachelorette” contestant coming up in May, Danielle Poe, Stephanie Rybczyk, Ashley Elmore “The Bachelore” contest that just past, and Heather Fish
Megan Smith and Zemoria Brandon, SCDAA administrator.
Blondell listened to this song more than 1,000 times and even slept with it the night before the big event.

Honorable Blondell Reynolds Brown and her Cha Cha

Wine Connoisseur Brian Freedman with dancing partner

Someone I admire a lot: Dana Spain is the founder and President of Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society

Emmy Award Winning host of Television Series Christina Cooks, Christina Pirello

the strippers at Delilah’s left more to the imagination than the fellas in this entertaining dance number at half time.

G-N Kang gets carried away
Maxx Stoyanoff-Williams, lead singer/MC of Black Landlord

Dorothy Johnson-Speight, founder of Mothers in Charge

Jason Evenchik, owner of TIME, Vintage Wine Bar and Bar

Socialite and PhillyChitChat “It” girl Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, finance and budget coordinator at GPTMC.
This might be hitting close to home for

Erin Elmore, who was the 2009 Philadelphia Dancing with the Stars champion. Bad Romance looks good on her. She’s single and ready to mingle guys.
Thanks to all the participants who interrupted their lives to take over 8 weeks of lessons to participate in this years contest for charity.With guests including Senator Larry Farnese, Councilwoman Marian Tasco, the Bachelorette’s Craig Robinson, auto parts magnate Steve Thorne, and 2010 Miss Philadelphia Andrea Helfrich, to find out who the winner was read my blog entry at which should be up shortly at:

Funds raised for the event topped the $6,000 mark from last year.

For further information, contact Megan R. Smith, Brownstone PR, 215.410.9879,