StrongBOX was redesigned by The Nouveau Image design and consulting team. “The space needed to open up. The new design will free up the space and also make people more comfortable. I really like the new colors and new decor. It feels like a whole new place and the perfect setting to go with friends for drinks and good music.”-Michelle Miller, CEO
The space is open for business after the VIP party for the Grand Re-opening was shut down for a mix up with permits on April 7, and a lack of food menus…all of this has been resolved. StrongBOX was 100% up to code on State standards but had a very small mix up with a city rule. A few small changes and a revaluation of the space by city workers got Strongbox re-opened the following week, April 16 with a clean bill.
Tonight the Cool Kid’s Reggie Barry & Jackim “Jackie” Wright will be throwing down their popular Tuesday Night Party. To get in on the action, you have to know the right people. Tell them PhillyChitChat sent you, maybe it will help out. (Dropping Brett Perloff’s name won’t help as he sold his interest in the club last year. Someone didn’t realize that when they lifted parts of my blog for their site last week.)
I love the new designs, the peach color, the mirrors and lowering the VIP wall has certainly made the space fresh and spacious.
So now when you get the late night munchies, you can order a personal pizza, hot dog of chicken fingers to satisfy your cravings.