Last week The Shops at Liberty Place was packed with budget conscious women out with their besties for a fun night of shopping, spirits and prizes from Ben 95.7
The Ben 95.7 winning spinner had a long line the entire night as shoppers won anything from a pen, DVD’s, to concert tickets, to a bag of chips.
Amy D’Aulerio, Kara Karpink and Randyl Case enjoyed the night out

as did Maria Gallagher, Kelly Breslin and Nancy Harmer
After about an hour of prizes, snacks and spirits, the girls were given a list of discounts at the various shops at Liberty Place to pick up a few bargains. If they spent over $75 they were to bring their receipt back and pick up a nice canvas bag with the beaded words
Eat, Shop & Enjoy as Jill Scarlett is wearing, with her sister Liz Scarlet of Scarlett Alley in Old City.
Nancy Landon, Sharon Phillips Waxman and Ruth Ann Bishop-Sotak. Everyone in Philadelphia should be thanking Sharon for being so innovated over 15 years ago by starting Phasion Phest, which I consider to be one of the first events that helped drag the City into the 21st Century of fashion and big event planning.

Jill Scarlett, Maria Hatzivasili, Victoria Beckham, Debbie and Lynne Marsdale and Theresa McErlean.

Carmen Miller, Shelby Walker and Christina Wilson were glad to do something fun after school with Shelby’s mom
Casey Crowe and Anna Schilawski represent Victoria’s Secret. Anna says the big push is focused on Mother’s Day in May and one of the popular scents you can pick up at Victoria’s Secret is “Heavenly Flowers.” Casey agrees it’s smells memorable. I’ll take their word for it, what do you think?
Chik-Fil-A’s Eric *Big E* and Heather Masse, Cafe Coco in the Mellon Concourse. During the month of May on Monday & Friday’s, 10% of all checks will be donated to the Leukemia Foundation.

This kid was enjoying himself, which is good practice for when he gets a girlfriend and she drags him around all the stores saying “honey how do I look in this?”
Many people mentioned they saw the ad in the Metro that day promoting the event. The Metro was one of the sponsors and sure enough the ad worked as the crowds were strong. The event started at 5:30PM and I took this picture about 7:15PM and there was still a crowd.
The girls from Adolf Biecker: Kristen Miller, Gina Lees, Ashley Richmond, and Jenn Harrigan.
Lynette Smith and Jacqui Tobler often get together for “girls night out”, and when Lynette saw the ad in the Metro she saw it as a sign to get out and get shopping with her BFF Jacqui. She especially like that this was a one stop shopping destination with lots of choices in stores to chose visit.
The Team of PunchMedia James Zeleniak and François Pierre with James friend Annette want to make sure you check out The Shops’ other events this spring, including the Spring Sidewalk Sale, May 6-8.
Random Odd Shop, but not so random is the fact that Thursday is the Kick-off Party for Rittenhouse Row at the Shops of Liberty. Starts at 6:30PM in the Rotunda. I went last year and it was really fun, a really who’s who of people that live, work and play in the Rittenhouse square area. See below for info:
Rittenhouse Row invites you to please join us on Thursday, April 22 from 6:30-9:00 at The Shops at Liberty Place
For the annual Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival Kick Off Party

*Cuisine and Cocktails from Alfa, Alma de Cuba, Barclay Prime, Butcher and Singer, Capogiro, Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse, Continental Mid-town, D’Angelo’s, Devon Seafood Grill, Di Bruno Bros., Du Jour, Fado, The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company, G Lounge, La Colombe, Lacroix, Ladder 15, Le Castagne, Marathon Grill, Metropolitan Bakery, Parc, The Raven Lounge, Rouge, Shank’s Uptown, Square 1682, Village Whiskey, The Walnut Room and Zama

*Diageo Cocktail Competition with mobile phone voting from XIPWIRE

*Chairman’s Selection wines

*Raffle from Govberg Jewelers

*Music from DJ Joey Blanco

*Silent auction from Rittenhouse Row boutiques, spa-salons, hotels and restaurants

Tickets are $75/per person or $125 (VIP Patron)
Download response card at