ALBERT K SIMMONS AT THE TURN OF HIS HALF CENTURY, a life full of love and friendship.

On April 17, 2010 Albert Simmons was in for the surprise of his life beyond these doors at
Le Castagne, 1920 chestnut street.

His wife, Dr. Jennifer Simmons was able to pull off a fantastic 50th Birthday Party with about 80 of his closest friends.
for a sit down dinner, and later dancing.
The guests began arriving about 8PM, hitting the open bar and noshing. I was wondering how were they going to bring him in without seeing everyone.
Around 8:30PM the crowd was in place, the limo arrived
Cori Moskow and friends entered first with friends Kenny and Evan right behind her
and sure enough Albert was DUMBFOUNDED. IT was classic and I wish I had video taped it. I love a good surprise. Albert stood in the doorway for a good 30 seconds, before
becoming overwhelmed with joy at the sight of his father, Dr. Bernard Simmons . It was all I could do to burst out crying myself, not even knowing the complete story at that time.
So through out the night, when ever I got a glimpse of moments, I captured them. There is of course so many memories that occur between a parent and a child, but they are always magnified when unexpected moments, and time come our way. In the bottom left is Bart Blattstein, who is married to Albert’s sister “Jilly from Philly” someone called her.
Cori & Evan Moskow
Albert spent a good time greeting his friends including Mitch and Roberta Kurlander, Bruce Grossman, Theresa and Dan Vickery, Brian and Debbie Gault,

Lex Litman and his wife
Lauren Kline and Patti Toll Silverman
Jennifer was MC for a great “This is Your Life” segment where many of Albert’s friends, new and old paid tribute. This guy has lived, but the most poignant moments definitely came when his dad spoke.

Having been recently ill, the doctor warned the elder Simmons against flying, but he wouldn’t hear of it and flew from Florida to Philly with his wife of 16 years, to surprise his son.
But the majority of the evening was spent with belly laughs, memories of great times, adventures and hair jell. I mean geez at age 50 this guy has a few years on me and has a head of hair where I feel every rain drop.
One of my favorite moments of the night was when his friend super imposed his face on to many iconic characters and did a slide show of them. Who knew Alby, that’s what his really close friend Kenny called him, was in the Godfather.
and the Hangover? Plus he was in the Olympics with Carl Lewis and used to play pro-ice hockey. Crazy stuff, it was great.
His friend Steven Mezrow wrote a song to the tune of “Hotel California” about their trip to Nova Scotia, which was just hysterical. These people need to get a variety show. So talented wasted as attorney’s and business men.

Rosalita Jump A Little Higher
Then it was BFF Kenny’s turn to roast Alby.
Of course the wives of both men have had to endure their bromance for years.
the last shot as I headed out for the night, the dance floor was still humming, drinks were still flowing and memories were still being made. But there were a few pictures that I believe summed up the night as follows.

Albert’s girls did the most hysterical roast on their father asking the question “Is he Gay or Straight?” Seems Albert is very fond of pink shirts, Audi Convertibles, Bath robes and well is sensitive. What do they call that?
Like the stars that shine
Way up in the sky
Our love will live forever
Live forever..
Back when I was a child
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high
And dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around till I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved
Happy 50th Birthday Albert!!