Happy Birthday Phoodie Collin. Last week Collin Flatt invited me to his birthday party. Even though I was previously booked I immediately pushed my schedule back to accommodate his celebration. First I am a huge fan of his work, plus he’s a genius, his sees things in ways I would never and he’s intellect. (who dresses me, why didn’t I button that collar? I think I have a pointed head, wait this blog is about Collin Flatt…) I am glad to be part of the blogger community, a community that writes about their passion and in the process has changed how you folks get your news.

I knew there would be a lot of bloggers there and well I never really get to socialize with these folks that I admire so much as I keep myself fairly busy.
I was so excited to meet some of the peeps I am a fan of: Felicia D’Ambrosio (I’ve said it before I recommend the entire site at City Paper it’s one of the best sites, and is constantly updated), Danya Henninger (Philly Design Blog)
Kelly White (Living on the Vedge) and her fiance whose name I would know if I could find my notebook which you all know I had since I wrote about Collin’s bday in my PhillyMag column yesterday. I’m a mess. Next week I will do better.
Collin used to write Phoodie for Philebrity but left in January to pursue other interests, including teaching a class on wine at Penn, continuing to teach wine classes at the Wine School in Fairmount, and being the man in charge of picking out all the fine beers you consume at Ladder 15.
Ladder 15: This space is gorgeous. The ceiling is high (two floors), there is a balcony that runs alongside one wall, the walls have great rock-and-wireframe accents, and there’s a wall-sized fireplace/log thing going that will look way cool in the winter, I’m sure. The waitresses were very attractive and the space was plenty roomy. Based on the amount of room between tables, it seemed like the floor space was designed to be cleared out later at night to allow more mingling. Chairs for the tables were backless wooden curved surfaces that were fairly tall but surprisingly comfortable.
Arthur Etchells (FooBooz) (I really appreciate all the blogs that have ever carried an article from my blog (or have read me). It really helped me a lot in achieving my goals. I don’t usually get a chance to review everyone’s blog often, I’m not good with incorporating other peoples sites on mine unless I have a photo of them, but I do try and retweet those that have been good to me, and those that are very interesting, as much as possible. So even though this is about Collin’s bday party, I just want to say thanks, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and for Philly)

Mike Ilagan (Unbreaded, Geekadelphia and Uwishunu) and Allie Harcharek (City Paper and A Food Coma)
Bone Marrow served at Ladder 15
I purposely didn’t tag the pixs so you can have an unvarnished picture for your FB page. Make sure you say you were at Collin Flatt’s bday party. If I don’t have your name written down, please give it to me so I may add it. thanks
It’s 2am I must go to bed now. Next week I am going to start earlier and get to the gym.
John Hobbs, Casey Hughes (head brewer at Flying Fish), April Reynolds, Collin Flatt, Kristin Moore, and Stephen Lyford.
Happy Birthday Collin Flatts