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Yesterday Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper filmed at 16th & Market Streets changing it into 48th & Lexington Streets in Manhattan. I keep reading how people are mad about this, but what they need to understand is if we didn’t have the Film Tax Credits they would have filmed this movie in NYC.
I have a new computer and no photoshop yet, but if you look closely I did an arrow pointing to De Niro and Cooper on the set of Dark Fields Thursday
I did a nice write up over on but since I did it very quickly and wasn’t at home I didn’t have the tools to clean up the pictures. This shot didn’t make it into that column, but it’s one of the better one of the two.
After shooting Bradley sat in his chair. I love how everyone including the cop is texting – LOL
A Philebrity with her trademark hair do, I was in a hurry and couldn’t wait for her to move to get a better shot, but you know who it is right?
A few extras. Then it was off to Paradigm in Old City to shoot the next scenes. My friend Jill knows the owners of the restaurant and was invited to watch them film a few scenes. Later she snagged this shot of Bradley Cooper outside. If I’m not mistaken that is the back of Christ Church on the left.
Jill tells me: no anna friel… there was a young women named Rebecca (don’t know last name) who was shooting opposite. she was sweet and i think is an unknown?
she introduced herself to me. she got to kiss him over and over and over!!! what a great days work. he is SO cool Hugh. he seems almost shy and modest. i loved his humility. also, in the scene we saw, he spoke fluent french!!!
smart AND cute. gotta ♥ it!
***** Check out my PhillyMag column on the shoot HERE:
Today (Friday) filming is on South Broad Street and City Hall intersection. Seriously dudes can’t you work on Saturdays? This is gonna tie up traffic like no one’s business.