SECOND TIME AROUND – NYC Housewife Alex McCord Stops By

OK I know I am lame today as I worked so hard on my Philly Mag column for today I didn’t have time to properly write this one out yet, but I will.

A few weeks ago I attended the opening of Second Time Around, which is a chain consignment shop. The reason it took so long to write was Alex had told me that she would be back for the Rittenhouse Row Festival for a signing so I held this article back as I was going to mention it in my Philly Mag column. For some unknown reason she didn’t come, but she was at this event.Paula Moritz, from Allied Advertising. You have to get on their FB page, where they offer free preview movie tickets.
Alexandria B on Yelp says: One of the best consignment stores I have been in.
Everything is laid out and presented quite nicely, unlike your regular thrift store with jam packed racks and tables that get a person like me frustrated with my ADHD. I honestly can’t stand to dig and frankly dont care enough to. So thank you Second Time Around.
I purchased a great yellow quilted spring jacket from there that I wear all the time, kind of Ralph Lauren looking.
The crew at the Philadelphia Store on Chestnut Street
Alex McCord and Derek “Fabulous” Warburton, lifestyle guru and personality on “Real Housewives of New York.”

The Metro News Staff including Brett Copol
mazel tov!!