in case you missed it Friday, I had a Philly Mag Post – Arthur Kade has a girlfriend & is up for “Douche of the Year” Award.

He’s happy on both accounts:

Oh as as for the one commentator: in 23 posts on Philly Mag this is the first time I have mentioned AK, and well like it or not when he or Howard Stern do something newsworthy, like Howard getting married or divorced, making a movie etc, he makes the news. I don’t think I shoot awful people, I just think you’re mad I don’t shoot you more, but I have promoted your clients in the past so you’re awfully disappointing to comment negatively on my blog.

As for the other commentator on my blog last week. I may shoot a lot of the same 50 – 75 people, but do you read People Magazine, they seem to only shoot the same dozen. I would love to photograph you and your friends, just invite me some where interesting or hire me and I will definitely show up.

For the other 5900 people, sorry if I am irritable, you know I had to give up sugar and caffeine last week and I am just not myself. XOXOXO Hughe