“Fix This Kitchen.” with Chef Georges Perrier with wife Andrea in attendence (Who knew he was married, not I?)

IKEA, the Life Improvement Store, is a proud sponsor of the new A&E Network series “Fix This Kitchen.” The six episode, half-hour kitchen makeover series will air Saturdays beginning October 16th at 10:00am ET/PT as part of A&E’s Saturday morning lineup, The Big Fix. This event was on Friday 10/15, so it was too late to promote the TV show the very next day, but I was there to cover the excitement of the next day’s showing.
Each episode will feature a world-famous celebrity chef, as
well as IKEA products and solutions integrated into the renovated kitchen design.

Each week on “Fix This Kitchen,” the worlds’ most recognizable celebrity chefs (Lidia Bastianich, Georges Perrier [above], Marcus Samuelsson, Charlie Trotter, Ming Tsai, and Graham Elliot Bowles) team up with show host and accomplished designer Nicole Facciuto and conspiring family members to surprise frustrated household cooks with a complete kitchen makeover. Using IKEA products, the team transforms the homeowners’ outdated and inadequate kitchens into eye-catching, functional spaces worthy of a gourmet chef.

Rachel Shiel, Angela Adams, Lisa Christiansen, Kelly Niszczak, and Janice Simonsen, all from Ikea.
Chef Georges Perrier and Janice Simonsen
Patti Klein, Georges Perrier and Jennifer Braxton, Local Marketing Manager of Ikea. I bet a lot of people ask her if she’s related to Toni Braxton?
Chet Fenster, Managing Partner, Director of Content Creation, MEC Entertainment; Jennifer Pechenik, Tim Jones, and Nicole Bradley

George Ushkowitz, Amy Ushkowitz, Chef Georges Perrier and wife Andrea Perrier and Kelly Macleod.
Laura Burkardt, Patti Klein and Kristina Jenkins
The first “Fix This Kitchen” episode was on October 16th as Georges Perrier will helped created a dream kitchen in the home of the winning candidate. Brian and Shawna Clark of Northeast Philadelphia who were selected from hundreds of applicants to receive a dream kitchen created by their choice of a local celebrity chef. Participants were matched with a local chef based on a series of questions they were asked including favorite restaurant and favorite Chef from their home city. The Clarks responded Le Bec-Fin and Chef Perrier so a match was made.