NBC Philadelphia Nonstop / The Scene – My Debut

Monday I started on Justin Pizzi’s new entertainment show called “The Scene’. It plays every night at 8:30PM and midnight on Comcast 248.

Here are two segments that I did. I was nervous and probably could have thought these out a little more. Writing a blog is much easier as I can take back what I said, but

when filming I don’t have that control so I was a little more guarded with what I said about Kendra. In the future I am just going to let it all hang out, be real, and tell the story without worrying if I am going to offend anyone. What I left out of the Kendra story was, She was hurt deeply that Hank was let go of the Phila Eagles. She really took it personally, and she didn’t want to film anymore in Philly and give it anymore publicity. You’ll see it for yourself when the season starts next week, 11/7. I did hear that she like all my columns, so that was kinda nice.