Safe Movie Production Details for Broad Street and the Bellevue Hotel 11/16 – 11/19

WHAT’S FILMING ON BROAD STREET you might ask next week?

The Safe Movie Production continues in a big way in Philadelphia next week. For some reason the notice has not gone out to the general public to avoid driving on Broad Street next week after 7PM for the filming of the movie Safe. Don’t drive downtown next week after 7PM, especially near Broad Street. When filming occurred on JFK Blvd on Halloween weekend, the streets surrounding the 3 block filming area were clogged for hours making a very unpleasant commute. Here are the details for next week’s shooting of the Boaz Yakin, Director, producer Lawrence Bender starring Jason StathamBeginning the evening of Tuesday, November 16, 2010 and ending Friday the 19th, filming of the movie Safe will begin in the main lobby. (As I reported first in my column 2 weeks ago, then last night at 9:30PM in more detail on NBC10’s Non Stop Channel 248 Justin Pizzi’s The Scene in my segment, and now here in intricate details. (Thanks to my tipsters for making these entries possible.)

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and now with the break-away-doors. ” The revolving doors will be changed out to leaf doors (so the hero can be thrown through them) and the lobby desk will be made to appear more “hotel-like” like the Plaza Hotel.” CHECK OUT MY PHILLY MAG.COM COLUMN TODAY TO SEE WHERE KANYE WEST WILL BE ON Thanksgiving Eve, while you’re at your high school reunion.