Q102’s JINGLE BELL BALL W/Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez photos

It’s too late for me to write anything. Enjoy the pictures and watch me on Justin Pizzi’s The Scene on Comcast Channel 248 at 9:30PM as I chat about the concert and insider tidbits about Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert

Dapper Maxwell leads the crowd in a Q102 Chant. Nik the Web Chick can be seen on the right. She’s on the Scene with Justin Pizzi too.

Elvis Duran and his co-workers from Q102
sexy mama
I promise to write more in depth when I do the full on blog about Q102’s Jingle Bell Ball. It was really fun

Flo Rida
did a little strip show
Adam Lambert
After super-stardom I see a stint on Broadway in Cabaret for him
Cody Simpson, the next Justin Beober and Nik the Web Chick. Catch her on Saturday nights on Q102Jesse McCartney was supposed to have the super stardom that the Beibs has, but I think his time has come an gone. But he sang a tune and everyone knew the words.
Justin Bieber , a little bit of lip syncing, and a lot of dancing
Justin Bieber . I will be doing another entry with philly folks I ran into next week after I see what is not edited out of my celebrity segment tonight. I have lots of sightings and tidbits that will be on the air tonight, that no one else knows, I think. I’m going to look so pretty on tonight as I tape my segment in 4 hrs and I haven’t gone to bed yet, yikes.