NICOLE CASHMAN and her company Cashman & Associates celebrated 10 fabulous years last night at Tangerine, Stephen Starr’s once popular eatery now used to hold events like this landmark celebration.Ask anyone in this City who hosts the most memorable events for their clients, and undoubtedly the Cashman name will pass through their lips. For the past several years she’s been partnered with her client Starr Restaurants Catering Group providing the most delicious food with an exquisite ambiance and last night was no exception.
Candles, candles, candles everywhere. My neurotic side wanted to do laps around the room a few times to make sure none of them were knocked over, as the space was filled to the brim with joyful guests.
I was running late to the soiree and missed a few dozen people as I arrived at 8:45PM, but as a testastement to what a great party it was the CBS3’s news team of Susan Barnett and Chris May were just walking out to prepare for their 10 O’clock newscast.

Also caught at the door were Dan and Karen Grossman looking as happy as ever.
Alexa Darrow and friend.
I love a little color and the lady in the red dress is rocking it out to DJ Neil Jackson, who came down from NYC, did a bang up job with the music.
Kayce Cashman and Luke Thomas happily ever after
Carole and Joseph Shanis, Carole is the Phila Art Alliance president and was just honored by Gov Rendell
Two stylish and beautiful women: Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown and Carol Tamburino. So funny, the night before when I was shooting the Q102’s Jingle Bell Ball, Carol calls me to tell me that 4 girls in the audience recognize me shooting in the photographers pit, and that I was shooting audience members. They call her cause they know she knows everyone, she calls me and then they stood up in the 7th row, and I got the shot.
Adam Spivak and Karen Sajda. LOVE LOVE LOVE her outfit by Armani
guest and Daniel Cevallos
Dan Gross and Katie Ryan. Katie is now working with Cashman & Associates, but still maintains clients under her PR company too.
Larry Cohen and Nigel Richards. Check out his 611 Lifestyle pop-up, 131 South 18th Street this weekend Friday through Sunday. He tells me he has t-shirts up to XXL, unlike my friend Matthew who tells me he only has hats in my size.

Danielle Triplett and William P Morton III

Photos of people dancing aren’t always flattering, but Tracy Seng looks beautiful no matter what setting you get her in.

Mayor Nutter stopped by to congratulate Nicole on her achievements, with him is Elizabeth Wellington, who had a great interview on NBC10’s Show yesterday about the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Gift List, Erica Atwood, Nicole and Philly Style Magazine’s John Colabelli. (I had the chance to tell the Mayor it was my video on YouTube of him rapping. Although I love the TMZ version, that is not my video but the Splash News chick that is more stealth then me.)
Many of the former Cashman Girls were in the house including Krista Guidi, with Where Magazine publisher Laura Burkhardt. In the far left is Krista Gabello, wife of famed photographer Chris Gabello.
Kerri Nicole Smith, Jen Groover and Erin Elmore. Missing Larry Farnese, he must be in Harrisburg working on something. He’s been a long time supporter of Cashman & Associates, and a friend to many.
The Mixto gang, Miriam and Roberto Martinez, Guillermo Vega, Brad Ehnert and Sarah Robinson
The crowd was steady, but their was still enough breathing room to make it to the bar as well as to the food stations set up for the guests to enjoy. And did I mention the room, so beautiful, tastefully done. Very adult and indicative for a solid company in the community that does a job well.

Thom Cardwell was there with his sister Janice. Thom Cardwell was also instrumental in my early years of PhillyChitChat, but wasn’t the one who introduced me to Nicole, that was Michael Klein. (He introduced me to MK though [I think they call that networking?)
Tara S. Nurin and her guy
Michael Steinberg and his wife. Michael is estatic to be joining the Cashman firm as new executive VP and Director of Marketing. Sounds like the Cashman firm is going to have an extrodinary new decade.
Also spotted ABC’s Ali Gorman, Drew Belcher, Chris Gabello, Sharon Pinkenson, Joe Weiss, Steve Gartner, Chris DiGeorge, Chris Barletto, Sam Weiner, Carrie Brescia, Justin Fine,
Love this picture of Sabrina, John and Lauren
Ali Frick, Dave Warren with Mandy and Jeff Skversky. Jeff is the sports anchor with ABC6. I last saw him at the Menzfit event at the Union League. Which I hear is having a big dinner tonight honoring the Army/Navy game tomorrow. Tonight’s a tough ticket, politicians have to choose between honoring an institution like the Army/Navy football game weekend, and attending the big political weekend, The Pennsylvania Society, which is held in New York City. I was asked to go, but so many obligations keep me here. Next year I promise, and why is it held in NYC.
Stephen and Tamar Olitsky with Erin Elmore. Steve spent the day with Jason Statham on the Safe set Monday. Says he’s a super guy, and he posed for photos with him and his daughter. He doesn’t want to go into film making cause the one scene where Statham pops some guy over the head with a glock, was filmed more than 20 times from every conceivable vantage point.
The Minelli’s are expecting a boy in February to complete their family, so buy blue. Dino and Carrie are estatic
Ashley Smith Baptiste and Gus Calabrese
Art of the Steal couple Sheena Joyce, and Don Argott with newly weds Tiffany and Johnny McDonald. Sheena tells me the new film they are working on is called “Last Days Here”. The Art of the Steal is on DVD now, and was recently on Showtime.
Johnny has an Architectural/Design/Build firm that has built the first two LEED-H GOLD Certified projects in Philadelphia and is now in the process of unveiling the First LEED-H Platinum (duplex) in the Country, again right here in Philadelphia.

Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Nicole Cashman, Lauren O’Doriso, Kristen Foote . I love this shot which really captures their personailities. Sabrina just enjoying life, Nicole looking forward, Lauren and Kristin looking beautiful and confident.
Elaine Grabar and Jill Rizen – Peace Out
I was asked to say a few words on video for Nicole Cashman, but I’m kinda shy and fall over my words. I’ve said it before, it was Nicole Cashman who was the first person to “get” what I was trying to do with my social diary. I wasn’t out to shoot society, I really felt they were already getting the coverage, I wanted to photograph all people, who are the others going to these events, who’s having these events, what goes on at these parties I read about in the paper, there’s gotta be more than just the BOLD FACE names, I wanna be there, see it myself and peel the onion; it was Nicole who really ushered me into the next phase of my journey in coverage. Thanks!!
The mantra for Cashman & Associates = “New Director, New Staff, New Clients, New Decade” LQQK OUT