The Dandelion Question & a Shot of one of the Leaded Windows Depicting

This would explain why they have been working day and night on Stephen Starr’s new pub at 18th & Sansom, or as I like to think, after December any of my great parking spots are going to be full into the wee hours.

Admittedly Grub Street was a little skeptical of Foobooz’s report earlier this week that Stephen Starr’s Spotted Pig gastropub, going in at 18th and Sansom streets, was “frantically” being built out.

Both Drew Lazor and Michael Klein agree the new place is going to be called The Dandelion, but they differ on the representation. On Meal Ticket there’s a big picture of the Dandelion flower, a delicacy that is celebrated and then eaten every spring in at a gala in Vineland, NJ the first Saturday in April; Michael Klein says the logo will be a Dandy Lion, like

A few weeks ago I shot a few interior shots when they took of the window coverings, but unfortunately I lost those photos somewhere in my uncategorized and busy life. Last night I went by to re-create the shots, but a fence was put up so I couldn’t get the Dandy Lion etching (especially since the construction workers were working on the project even at 12:30AM), but I did get the above etchings, a couple guys who look like they’re doing Bocce Ball, is that English too? These are inside the eatery about 5 feet, hanging from the ceiling on the 2nd floor.