Cause their holiday parties are like no other. You might recall the Christmas Tree they had at the Festival of Trees at XIX a few weeks back, a little off the beaten track, or more like perfect for the Osbourne’s house. Well enter their sanctuary at One South Broad
and you won’t be surprised to find a similarly interesting tree made up of empty “TuB” liquor bottles from their client LE MÉRIDIEN’S Amuse Bar.
Kegs, liquor and pretzel’s were also the fare for the night at this eccentric Philadelphian advertising agency which creates some of the most visually appealing ad campaigns this side of the Mississippi, but don’t take my word for it, in the lobby is a kids wagon full of awards.
One of Red’s outstanding employees is Annie Heckenberger (make ck payable to HughE) with friends
Broc Libra and Megan Zaporowski. (Seriously I would like to change my name to Broc Libra, is that not the coolest name?)
Palmer Enfeld, Tom Ashley (Invincible Pictures)and Carrie Ashley.
Red Tettemer is a Philadelphia-based advertising agency. Within its red
walls, thought-benders, storytellers and content creators build brands on
any media platform that will have them. He was hanging out with Aaron Grando, Kevin Ritchie and Amy Rose
For more than 12 years, Red Tettemer
has thrived on energizing clients and their businesses ­ a few currently
being energized include kajeet, a wireless mobile service for kids; PBS KIDS
Sprout; Pennsylvania Tourism Office; Five Below; and Hatfield Quality Meats. (Actual items on window sill, really I didn’t put them there.)
Jesica Quack, Riker Blank and Ahmad Ajouz probably hope they’re invited to Red’s New Year’s Eve party in Philly because the views of the Delaware River are unobstructed.
Mikey Il and Allie Harcharek; Allie’s on this fun site reading Eric Smith’s Textual Healing.
and Laurel Fairworth
Lesley and Edward Goldstein are getting ready for their big winter trip.

Scott Lean of Philly Sweet Tooth
Chuck and Cara
Karina Karala and brother Alexander Kacala. Karina says Chef Levin’s Adsum Four Loko menu was loko “I was having enough trouble wrapping my mind around the Four Loko menu at Ad Sum, let alone my tongue. I stuck to the mac and cheese with cornbread crumble, thank you very much.”Michael & Casey DeBaecke with Andrew Heckenberger
Don’t be fooled by the sign, I’ve read Annie’s tweets and sometimes she’s there way past midnight.