Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick Celebrates his Future Wife’s Kijafa Frink’s Birthday & wait til u see what he got her. Was it in the budget?

Philadelphia Eagle’s Quarterback Michael Vick had a lot of celebrating to do after the big win against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.
He threw a birthday shindig for the future Mrs Vick, Kijafa Frink at G Lounge on Monday night. Guests began arriving at 10PM and included Juqua Parker, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Joselio Hanson, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, Jon Dorenbos and included a few ladies like Renee Reese, Carmena Ayo-Davies, Steph Mo, Julie Dorenbos, Susie Celek and Delicia Cordon.
Sure enough MS PNK Elephant tweeted earlier today, “get there early or you will be locked out!” How many sweet things missed out on that sweet thing above. Sunday night Kijafa celebrated a Pre birthday bash@32 degrees with a bunch of girlfriends to watch the Eagles kick Dallas’ butt.

How about this SWEET ride Michael Vick bought for his Kijafa. I know it’s gonna be a good time. A brand new Porsche Panamera!!!!
UPDATE: The next day (WED) I was going to do a report on the birthday party for my NBC Ch 248 Non-Stop TV Show 9:30PM every night (Gotta Tip email me I award you with tickets, invites and gift bags.) ,

I forgot to show y’all what @ got me for my bday! Don’t hate lol!
Last Night (Wed 12/15/10) Michael Vick and Kijafa Frink and about 12 of their Friends headed over to Yakitori Boy at 211 N 11th Street in Chinatown for a little Karoake in a private room. The guests enjoyed sushi, drinks and Brown Betty Cupcakes on Kijafa’s actual birthday. Kijafa’s says this is not the last party this week to celebrate her birthday, and after standing by her man for the past five years I think she deserves all the loving she’s getting.

ANOTHER UPDATE on Thursday: Such a Wuss I am. After the whole Porsche disappearing from her TwitPic Feed I thought maybe I should take off the story cause I don’t want to cause any problems for Michael Vick who is trying to get his life back together. Say what you will but I really believe in 2nd chances, and so the story didn’t run on NBC yesterday because I was overly sensitive to Vick about the Porche, because if your in Bankruptcy, can buy a Porsche, I didn’t think so. BUT NOW I KNOW WHY THE PHOTO WAS PULLED from Kijfa’s twitter feed. Vick’s no dummy, he is improving his image and he gave EXCLUSIVE PIXS TO TMZ. It’s Karma after I lost the exclusive to the Beiber last week going to IHop to TMZ when I tipped off the IHop people that their story was valuable on a national level as I tried to gather info. I haven’t explained how that happened and but I will write about it soon. BUT TMZ still got some great exclusive shots that you can enjoy below. That Michael Vick not afraid of the limelight and making dough where ever he can. What’s up with this Yankee’s hat? I’m just mad I didn’t run over to Yakatori Boy and grab a picture when I was tipped off. I didn’t think he had national appeal, but he’s creating it. Good for him, that’s how you do PR!