Phillies Pitcher Cliff Lee, wife Kristen and kids return to Rittenhouse Square to Live

The last time Cliff Lee played for the Phillies he and his family lived in the Rittenhouse Square area, not too far from where Cole Hamels and his wife lived. Wednesday they checked out Pat Burrell’s old place at the Lanesborough (I guess he hoped he would come back to Philly too) and before they left town on Thursday they found a place nearby a block up and around the corner.According to ESPN Sports:
Cliff and Kristen Lee, down-home Arkansas folks, also connected with Philadelphia in a way that no one could have foreseen. They rented a place in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood and immersed themselves in the city life and local culture. Kristen Lee took their children — son Jaxon, now 9, and daughter Maci, 7 — to local museums and on ice cream runs to Franklin Square. Jaxon and Maci found friends their age in the Citizens Bank Park family room, and they had a blast riding the train to New York for a World Series game.
“We did pretty much everything,” Kristen said. “I would have never dreamed when we got traded here from the Indians that we would say, ‘Ooh, Philadelphia, I can’t wait to get there.’ But it’s a city like I’ve never been in before. We haven’t had that exact feeling anywhere else.” (Above a room with a view I’d like to have and one they will have. The other side overlooks the park between two buildings.) UPDATE: I’m a little surprised that the Real Estate Company wrote a whole blog about Cliff Lee’s new digs, but they did and it’s here . The reason I wouldn’t recomend doing such a thing it doesn’t attract business if it’s obvious your broker is going to tell the world where you live, it’s going to make them shy away. It’s always better you just leak it, then it could have come from anyone. It’s scary now for stalker reasons, especially after what just happened in Arizona. For example, I knew that cliff was having lunch at Rouge today, but I didn’t write it til he left. Here are pixs of the inside of 1706 Rittenhouse