A Few Snow Observations when I was Out to Lunch Today

Snow styling it. She told the women next to her “I just felt like it was a pink shoe green pants day!” (That is my fingerless glove getting in the way of the lens.)
I think now that I am #funemployed I’m going to cover a lot more street stylin’ fun. (Not like Jimmy Style though, he’s got that fashion beat down.)
OK Brett Favre & Hank Baskett how much security do you guys need as you exit the Four Seasons to get on your bus after the Snowpocalypse?
Lady I’m in the law field and you will have a hard time saying you didn’t know there was falling ice coming off of Liberty One & Two
See the penny I placed over to the right in the snow. OH and BTW the bleachers for the Mummer’s Parade are in place for the parade on Saturday when it will be 50F and raining. Happy New Year, see you tomorrow.