I decided to venture out into the snow about 8PM on Sunday night to find the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore. Earlier in the day he was by the Constitution Center, where Kate and her 8 spent last Monday, and as I told her people, I’m the paparazzi of Philadelphia so I had a mission.

So I toured the City
Varga Bar had a healthy crowd, as in it was busy, not healthy as they weren’t hanging out on this corner having a smoke.
Hmm did he forget to pick up something at the jewelery store, or did he want to pick it out after hours?
Dear in headlights
Jim’s Steaks is open
Strolling South Street
OMG I never see a cop in the Rittenhouse Roundhouse, but there’s one in there tonight

there were plenty of lovers strolling the snowy paths. Hello lovers

He was shoveling with a Michael Myers Halloween Mask on
Self portrait. I look so tiny in that bulb. OK count down to my big diet. I’m starting on 1/3/11 at the Sporting Club at the Bellevue. In fact there’s gonna be a lot of new things that happen on that date.
aaah snow. so pretty. No call from Joe Kohn so I guess I will be going into work today.
I think it’s only 4 of us who used up all our vacation time and will be in the office this week.
Ought oh trouble

or do we like it in Black & White. I never found Jim Cantore. Darn he probably moved onto Boston by night fall.