Young Friends at the The National Museum of America Jewish History Party & Cool Time Lapse Video of preparations for Gala

Mike tells me it’s a SHANDA I would be so behind in my postings that I would just now get to one of the best parties, if not the best “Young Friends” party held last year, the opening of the The National Museum of America Jewish History on November 13, 2010

While Bette Midler sand “You’ve Got To Have Friends” downstairs to an audience of not so young friends, friends Brian Govberg, Ilana Waber and Brett Berson partied upstairs in a room that overlooked the massive dining tent covering 5th Street.

Dalia Levine and Jill Jacinto
Academia and history are interest of this trio: Sasha Makuka, Rachel Margolis and Makenzie Ewer

Ariella Werdenis pursuing her Ph. D. in Religion at Temple. Her interests lie in Jewish and African American religiosity, and expressions of devotion in contemporary American culture; the students at Temple love taking Kime Lawson class, they say he’s fair and kinda cute per “rate my professor”, and I bet wife Elizabeth Lawson agrees.
The crowd was festive, the room decorated well, and perfect for future events. There was a terrace over looking Independence Hall Park and was a nice respite from the loud dance music.
Brittany Horn and Alex Cook
Stuart Field, with Dara and Ross Donolaw. Dara just participated in a Zumba Debut at Parx Casino last week.

San Stamm, Marsha Stamm, Joshua Gayl, Jon Kornblau and Codey Greenes
Marni Snyder, who’s been missing from the social circuit for a bit makes her debut at the Young Friends Party. Will we see her at the Shunk Wing Bowl in February? With her is Bonnie Sampson
The party goers were decked out in their finest (no SHMATTA here), and the dance floor was packed.
There was plenty of room on the dance floor or to SHMOOZ in the lounge areas smattered around the room. The museum itself is beautiful and I plan to go this month to do the entire tour.
Gillian Melrose and An Abel
Emily Salib and Jared Friedman; Check out this video of 3 day Time-lapse of the National Museum of American Jewish History Opening Gala preparations