Ending my PROCRASTINATION was not a Resolution I made this Year: My New Year’s Eve Party Pixs

I still have yesterday’s party I will be posting in a few minutes. Have a great weekend. Thanks to my sponsors this week The Philadelphia Auto Show Black Tie Gate Party on 1/28/10; Vitamin Water and the Sporting Club. Look for details shortly on how you can have an advertisement on

Good thing one of my New Year resolutions wasn’t to stay on top of timely postings as I would have failed here. Happy New Year!! This year Mike and I decided to stay low key on our annual party and really only invited a handful of people.
Since we were having a low key thing it freed me up to make the spontaneous decision to catch the fireworks at Penn Landing. I see others had the same idea and this is the result of a spontaneous decision, hap hazard parking and a crazed desire to jump out of the car to catch the action before it’s even in park at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge.
The party called for 9PM arrival, but everyone showed up at 10, at the same time practically.
So glad that Danny Schuyler and Erin Como stopped by. It was so nice getting to know them this year.
Ditto for Marisa Magnatta and beau Ron Zausidsky. Who I met separately from Erin and Danny, but serendipitously Ron and Danny work together.
Kristyn Aldrich and Megan Smith are a duo I always enjoy seeing
Derek Freres and Mark Focht being festive. Derek is just starting to plan the 2nd annual Schuykill River Park gala, and I would like to thank Mark for lighting the Rocky statue again. I asked him on New Year’s Eve what happened to the light, and he said it must have burned out. The other night I checked and it was on again to the delight of the tourist that visit it in the middle of the night.
After a bit we broke out the karaoke machine. People love to sing, even the shy ones. Also in the house Marty Dellwo, Scott Righter and Mike Toub but somehow they eluded the camera.
Tim Young, Stephen and Lanina Cavicchio and Tim Graham
I love fireworks. You do know that I moved to the Philadelphian just so I could enjoy the view of both the River and Art Museum shows ever year.