“Their song”

Surprise- I don’t know a mother and daughter that are closer than these two.

Daughter do you know
I wonder can you see
How precious is your life
and all you mean to meCake by Isgro, I asked if she had to wait in line and her friend said “The day Carol Tamburino has to wait in line at Isgro’s is the day it’s not owned by Isgro’s.” So telling and true. Cupcakes by Carol’s sister and Sharon Coia, who’s daughter Kelly was there in spirit. An unexpected gift
Delightful precious girl
Did you know that at first sight
You set my heart a whirl
Erin Elmore (Finally caught up with my favorite apprentice. She’s busy at work, dating Tim and living life.)
Tanya Teece and me –
As the morning sun rises
You’re there within my heart
Tempa Berish, Kristin Foote and newly engaged Lauren O’Dorisio

No matter what storm may come
My love it cannot part
The Girls and Chef Chris Scarduzio. Chef tells me that Table 31 will be having a Ladies Night ever Thursday, look for Carol Tamburino to bring some of the South Philly charm, flavor and friends in to spice up the night. (Carol’s sister, Lauren Beloff, Sabs, Sharon Coia, tanya Teece, Carol Tamburino, Lesley Kotloff, Chef Chris Scarduzio, Kristin Foote, Tempe Berish, Georgia Chletcos and Sabrina’s boss Joyce. P.S. I think if you are going to take a long birthday lunch, the trick to staying out of trouble is to invite your boss.

Daughter do you know
What words can never say
How awesome is my love for you
Still growing day by dayRouge at 10PM last night.
Sabs, Erin Elmore, Kristin Foote, Carol Tamburino and Georgia Chletcos (Who’s gonna have a baby first Lauren B, Lauren D, Nicole or Sabrina?)

Your beauty overwhelms me
Abilities do astound
Anything you hope or dream
By you they can be found You fill my days with light
You make me laugh out loud
You I am so glad to have
Of you I am so proud(Poem by Dina Stone)