Valentine Delight: marcie blaine Artisanal Chocolate; Plus Ride the Love Train on 2/13/11 Watch Mayor Nutter Marry a Happy Couple

hopper’s Delight: marcie blaine Artisanal Chocolate for Valentine’s Day, or any day at all

Recently I had the pleasure of getting a personal tour of the Marcie Blaine Artisanal Chocolate factory which is located at the back of the garden/home store Verde on 13th Street.
Marcie Blaine Artisanal Chocolate is a small candy shop owned by owned by Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran (Blaine is Marcie’s middle name), who with help from their skillful stir, mold and process chocolate into delicious decorative candies. Recently marcie blaine’s purchased this machine that does similar stirring of the chocolate as the women above, but don’t worry that the industrial age will be replacing them as marci blaine’s chocolates are so popular they need as many stirrers as possible to create these
masterpieces, which I recommend for the upcoming Valentine’s Day
While I was in the store Marcie was excited because these cute boxes had just arrived; they are perfect for for gift giving. I brought a box back for my co-workers and they devoured them and plan to return for more.

Click to make larger to see Verde’s special event on 2/13/11 (Also I recommend you ride The Mural Art’s The Love Train the same day. Click Here for Info.)

Check out this video that I made. I’m still rusty, and wishing I could get a cute little blond Vanna White to read my words and host my videos. OK only kidding on this budget I can only afford me. The Yelper’s love this place too