Mitchell & Ness Spreading The Love – Movin On Up Into Ubiq on Walnut Street

Less than two months after opening their new flagship store in Philadelphia at 12th & Chestnut Streets (behind 7/11), Mitchell & Ness is making adding another jewel to their empire. This time, with the opening of a shop-in-shop in the city’s most iconic sneaker boutique, UBIQ. Taking over their 400-square-foot second floor, Mitchell & Ness offers a variety of tees, jackets and an extensive collection of hats that you won’t want to miss.
Friday night they had an exclusive party inviting some of Philly’s prolific DJ’s, Rappers, Stylistic peeps, Movers and Shakers. Above Mitchell & Ness’ GM Zaid Hamid and DJ, Producer, Poet Rich Medina who also spun for the night along with Prince Paul

Friday night the store held an exclusive invite only party to celebrate the opening in the new spot. Excited to be included and enjoying the vibe of the party were sisters Sade Mims and Samantha MimsLet it be known that boys like their shoes as much as the girls, and Friday night was candy to the eyes if you had a footwear fetish. (I wish I weren’t so conservative, not politically just clothing & footwear; why do you think I wear black all the time.)
Another trend going down at the soiree was photography. Years ago you’d find heavy gold chains and symbols around the necks of kids, but today, especially at this party, I found a lot of Canon’s and Nikon’s and not pocket camera’s. (On the right is super styling Curran J of
“UBIQ is Philadelphia’s premier destination for exclusive and limited-release sneakers and independent and urban clothing brands,” says Sean McKinney, President of Mitchell & Ness. “UBIQ and Mitchell & Ness share the same merchandising philosophy of offering unique, high-quality, limited-edition items, so the partnership is a natural fit.” (source)
Megan Stecher and Mac Francis. Megan has a blog called MeggyWood
Set Free and SHOW were in the house. SHOW gave a shout out to Jessiah & Janita Styles who I met him thru last year.
Derwin Madison and Elijah Wilson. Talk about mugging for the camera.
Johanna Stull with Nicole Manno
Vlad and soultastic DJ Prince Paul
Enrico Campitelli, Mike Meech and Matt P. Talk about legendary, as far as blogging is concerning Enrico is iconic entrepreneur as he created the sporting site the 700Level, which was later bought by Comcast. I think that that’s a dream that most blogger’s might keep in the back of their mind that they could create something or become a brand that has a marketable value; And what a clever name The 700 Level, certainly the section my brother and I sat in often as kids watching the Phillies and talked the game with the other fans.
Jovon “Jovi” Eldridge and Natalie Kenney. Jovi tells me she got her Lady Gaga inspired glasses from Stevie Boy on 2nd Street
I had such a good time at the Mitchell & Ness party because everyone wanted their pictures taken and many were very animated.
Kevin Gregg, from the front office of the Phillies (see his World Series Championship Ring), guest and friend Kevin Maguire
Shelby Hall and Askley Gee

Cool Cat’s doncha think? B2J and Jamerson
Kristen Lewis, Quinn Turner and Lindsay Lewis
Mark Phipps and Morgan Grant; Check out the Mitchell & Ness store within a store at Ubiq 1509 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.988.0194 (follow me on twitter for the latest cool celeb sightings & interesting events @iphillychitchat )