Jonathan Makar’s Snackbar to Close

Jonathan Makar and friend Jennifer Longo at the Best of Philly Mag party in July. Jonathan owns Snackbar on 20th Street, a stone’s throw from Rittenhouse Square.He has announced that he is closing his cute restaurant Snackbar on February 5;
He will now concentrate on his cute little flower shop Rittenhouse Square’s Flowers & Co., which is a stone’s throw away from Rittenhouse Square but on the opposite side of the park and on 19th Street. Some of the highlights of Snackbar included dishes prepared by executive chef John Taus who ran the kitchen for a few years but left last year. He can now be found at The Corner a new restaurant in Midtown Village. I’ll personally miss the Snackbar, as it was always such a cute hideaway in Philly, as well as a great place to people watch with it’s large windows. Often I would be hurrying by and Jonathan would wave and say hi. But I do have to say the flower show is adorable too, and since there just isn’t enough affordable flower shops around to buy cut flowers I know it will do a thriving business. I hear several prospective renters have toured the Snackbar property, but no takers yet as my source tells me the rent is a pricey $8,000. The rent may have what done him in because when I called on the phone to confirm the restaurant was closing, the guy who answered the phone said they hoped to open again someday, somewhere else.


UPDATE: JONATHAN MAKAR JUST SENT ME THIS (glad he’s not mad I broke the story, he wasn’t the one to tell me, but I made sure I got 2 sources before I published it. I only heard about it last night at 9PM.)

SNACKBAR RESTAURANT November 6, 2006 – February 5, 2011

It was great fun, but it was just one of those things. – Cole Porter

Snackbar Restaurant will serve its last guest on Saturday February 5th.
Snackbar was conceived in the Spring of 2006 by two friends; one an inspired
chef and the other a disciple of the restaurant business. Snackbar opened its
doors on November 6th of that year and since then has dutifully strived to provide
patrons with hospitality of the highest measure. Snackbar was honored with a
Best of Philly award from Philadelphia Magazine in 2007 and “three bells” from
the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2009. The Snackbar Breast Cancer Research Fund
was established in 2008 and through the generosity of its guests the restaurant
has been able to support the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s
Abramson Cancer Center.

Snackbar operated on the idyllic corner of 20th Street and Rittenhouse Square for
exactly 4 years and 3 months; a life-span more than twice that of any business
who called the space home. Snackbar will be remembered as a meeting
place; an after-dark café for artists and their patrons; a place where spirited
conversation over cocktails and lite-fare was a way of life; a living room where
neighbors became friends and friends became family. Above all, Snackbar
will be remembered for its charm and authenticity. In its final month, patrons,
neighbors, and friends of the restaurant gathered nightly to celebrate its life with
food, music, and dance. Snackbar will be dearly missed by a devoted staff, an
inveterate clientele, and a truly grateful host.