Thursday my new fast friends Mary Carey and Mario Monge Jr. and I took in one of my favorite sites City Hall Tour, the seat of Philadelphia’s Government. Did you know that Mary Carey has political aspirations during the 2003 California recall election, Carey ran for governor. She was an independent candidate, placing tenth in a field of 135 candidates. She ran on an eleven-point platform that included promises of taxing breast implants, making lap dances tax-deductible, and creating a “Porn For Pistols” exchange program. S
Mary told me the other night that she loves loves Philly, and Mario is naturally curious in architecture and buildings in general as he is a skilled electrician.
At 12:30 in Rm 121 we began the City Hall building tour. I am actually in training to give this tour every Wednesday starting 2/23/11. Years before I was PhillyChitChat I used to volunteer and give this tour.
Surprisingly even though the the duo seemed to be freezing, they talked about how nice Philadelphia was, clean and the friendly people. As we walked around City Hall Mary expressed a desire to maybe move here. Mario was excited that it was a Union town as I mentioned he’s an electrician. It was fascinating for me to as I was sharing my knowledge of the architectural elements of the building, he was telling me about the conduits and fiber optic piping.
2nd close encounter with Mayor Nutter (the first one was at 10 Arts on Tuesday night) According to Wikepedia “During and immediately following her gubernatorial bid in 2003, Carey was occasionally featured as a guest on various political talk shows. Carey maintained on the Fox News Channel on March 16, 2006 that her pornographic films are not a negative to her political career, citing the political successes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan. She also maintained that, unlike the films in which Schwarzenegger and Reagan starred, her films are about ‘love.'”
When we were in the City Council Caucus Room Mary’s thoughts returned to community service and expressed the desire to possibly run for City Council if she moved to Philadelphia. I told her the time was now as several City Council Members were up for re-election next year.

Although Mary seems to be affiliated with the Republican party having appeared on Fox News, The Republican Convention and National Republican Dinner. If Sarah Palin can aspire to be the next republican in the White House,I do believe Mary Carey could be the next Republican Philadelphia City Council President. One of her first orders will be to roll back the clock above her chair to Daylight Savings Time as I took this picture at 1:57PMWe then headed up to the observation tower so we could view her future kingdom
The last time Mary and Mario came to Philly, they covered all the important tourist sites like running up the Rocky Stairs and posing in front of his statue. Mario pointed out that Sylvester Stallone was from Philadelphia and made a soft porn at the beginning of his career. Now look how successful he is in mainstream movies.
Then it was on to the Reading Terminal. Both were really impressed by the space, and Mary, who’s a vegetarian, not only found her new favorite eating place in Philly, but right across the aisle is a perogies selling vendor. Her grandmother always made them for her while she was growing up. She loves them. She mentioned the last time she was in town Philly Daily News’ Dan Gross recommended Mother’s, which was delicious too.
Mary kisses Philbert at the Reading Terminal for good luck on her potential upcoming campaign.

I look forward to campaign commercials like this in the future, don’t you? As for now check out Mary Carey at the WIP’s Wing Bowl today at the Wells Fargo Center, and tonight at the Gold Club in Center City.