It’s Over:’s Paralegal By Day, Paparazzi By Night

Philly Chit Chat IS OPENED FOR BUSINESS – I’M GOING FULL TIME AS AN EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER, BLOGGING, COVERING PHILLY, THE PEOPLE & ALL THINGS INTERESTING AS WELL AS ACCEPTING ADVERTISEMENTS. I’m finally doing what my readers and friends have encouraged me to do for the last year and that’s to persue PhillyChitChat full time and to monetize the site. After meeting with several PR people, as well as business folks we have come up with a couple ideas for me to create a living following my passion and serving you.

After many years of being touted as the ‘paralegal by day, paparazzi by night’ in the press and on TV, I have decided to pursue and event photography as a full time career and leave the legal field behind.

I’ve worked hard, my audience has increased to nearly 100,000 impressions a month, and I receive a lot of positive feedback wherever I go. I really appreciate it all.

But what does this all mean? It means that along with covering select events and happenings that PR folks pitch to me,
* I am now available for hire as your Event Photographer, 24/7 for birthdays, events, charity functions, award ceremonies, luncheons, house parties, fashion shows, and so much more. (The events will appear on PCC if you’d like.)

I will continue to cover events that I am invited to, whether I am hired or not. The only difference is that when you hire me its a guarantee I will be there. You also retain the ownership of the photos for distribution as you please.

* I will continue to cover breaking news, tidbits, people around town, new businesses, interesting observations I come across and story ideas you might send me.

* I understand that some organizations have annual photographers, so for a lower fee I will guarantee an appearance at an event for a write up, and will also cover product launches or trunk shows as advertorial coverage. (The photos remain my property; sometimes a client will want to buy the photos after the fact and that can be arranged.)

* will now be accepting advertisements for the first time. From restaurants and boutiques, to law offices and accountants, I have different packages that will meet your needs and can provide you with my stats and market. I already have a few as you can see. But a couple are events and expire this month.

I am also going to create a comprehensive Charity Calendar. Not since the Philadelphia Magazine’s Social Datebook back in the mid 2000 has Philadelphia had a decent Social Calendar. It is of no cost (Free) to be listed on the calendar so please send the Save The Date’s as soon as you know. Let’s not have the Fur Ball and another Utley SPCA event on the same night.

So, follow me on twitter ( @iPhillyChitChat ), continue to send me tips or inquire about advertising at buzz@ PhillyChitChat . com , and please continue to share the word about our growing community!

Best regards,

HughE Dillon
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