I’ve Taken the Plunge and added my Twitter Feed to my Blog

By now you’ve all heard of Twitter, and some of you are on it. I’ve been on Twitter since 8/08 and I can sometimes be an over Tweeter. Twitter is like a micro blog, a lot of time I will Tweet something that I never put on my blog, maybe an observation that is time sensitive like yesterday I saw the Park Town Bus have a fender bender, or a traffic light is out somewhere, or if I’m in a club and observe someone stepping out on their girl I might do a blind item, I post lots of photos of the food I eat, and other interesting photos. Sometimes I link it to my FB page, but not as a general rule. I also use Twitter as my little cyber therapy. People on Twitter knew about me leaving my paralegal job a month before anyone else. I post random thoughts and I break news on Twitter. I post celeb sightings and celeb events, like the one about Ginuwine appearing at FYE tonight at 6PM. Soon I will be taking to the streets everyday, to exercise but mainly to gather news. I will be micro blogging a lot. These days I have a lot of content, so I thought it was time I share my twitter feed with you all. It will always be located on the right side at the bottom. I don’t want to mess with my income stream of advertisers. You can also follow me on Twitter if you’d like or just read it hear. Thanks HughE