WINDOW SHOPPING: The Paper Source 1628 Walnut Street

I love window shopping. I used to love shopping, but like most of you I have limited space in the big city to put my stuff. I am also a compulsive spender of beautiful things, at least I think they’re beautiful. After a little shopping spree I would place my loot, er items in my house usually on the coffee table because really isn’t that where they should be, on display. Eventually they would disappear and I would ask Mike what happened to said item. Once he told me he donated the cute metal rooster to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy. He threw out the Britney Spears coasters cause he had moved on to Lady Gaga (yea right) and he gifted the wooden mermaid because he didn’t want his nieces to see a naked women in the bathroom. Instead of wasting my money I’ve resorted to just shooting pictures of the item and then taping them to the coffee table to see if he likes them, ever; so far I haven’t bought anything in a few years. Oh well. Which brings me to my new PhillyChitChatter radom category/column which I will do every once in awhile called “Window Shopping”. I probably won’t do entire stores like today’s column, but I compulsively loved everything in this store. It was like a grown up Spencers Gifts but with a whole lot less fart whoppie cushions. The Paper Source opened last week at 1628 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Unlike most stores who throw the clearance table in the way back, their clearance rack is up front and in the window no less. I could probably use that large calendar as I really do forget what day it is now that I don’t go into an office and just hang at my cube and then roam the streets of Philly at night for events.

Next time I go to Yakitori Boy bar and lounge and sing “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” I’m gonna wear these.
It could be depressing to look at until the caffeine kicks in.
If you are a true Mariah Carey fan, you know she likes all her fans to wear Hello Kitty band aids on their index fingers so they can find each other. How much fun would it be if all the Tom Selleck fans wore these on their fingers.
You Betcha.

I can’t think of anything more annoying than hearing Sarah Palin’s voice for the next decade.
Annoy your co-workers
Now this is much better than Monopoly on game night with my friends. Only kidding Nigel & Hadas.
I think the balancing a spoon on your nose is a much more novel idea, but heck we’re not all that talented.
Things to do
DIY is all the rage now. At the Paper Source you can buy cards, or buy supplies to make your own cards.
Plus they have workshops to show you how: Schedule
They are having a grand opening event on March 5th. Come celebrate in the store all day long. Then that evening be irritated that both the Red Ball, The Flower Show Gala and The Sporting Club Fight Night are all on the same night. A few years back I tried to create a comprehensive charity/large scale event calendar. I was tooo busy for my own good. I have a little more free time and would like to give it another try. Send me your dates for your large scale charity events, and events to be put on the calendar. Some events may be rejected and I will certainly inform you. Thanks EMAIL ME Buzz @ PhillyChitChat dot Com send me your stuff.