Reading Terminal Market’s Valentine Party Pictures

Great seeing many friends and readers Saturday Night at the Reading Terminal Market’s Valentine Party. I took over 300 photos at the event, I only used a small percentage of photos in today’s entry as the photos will be distributed to the media for the local press and monthly magazines so that is why you might not see your photo here as the mags often want exclusive shots, but that doesn’t preclude the photos below either.

I will be featuring the story & some pixs on my NBC Non-Stop Channel segment Ch 248 or Ch 10.2 Thursday night at 9:30PM, so tune in.


Have you ever wanted to be a kid trapped in your favorite toy store after closing, well that’s what it was like for most of the folks who attended everyone’s favorite farmer’s market Saturday night. You want Metropolitan bread, Old City Coffee, something from Flying Monkey, dinner at Dinic’s, salad from Tootsie’s dinner to mojito’s at the 12th Street Catina, well it’s all there for you and you can have as much as you want it can only be describe as a foodgasm at the black tie optional event at the “Valentine to the Market party.” The ticket was $125 for general admission and the proceeds are going to benefit the Reading Terminal Market Preservation Fund and will be used to preserve and enhance the historic Reading Terminal Market for future generations.

General Manager Paul Steinke of the Reading Terminal Welcomes the guests

Paul Steinke, with Sophia Demas and Frank Mallas Owner at Friday Architects/Planners Inc. It’s Frank’s firm Friday Architect that will be doing the RTM renovations beginning shortly. (which I wrote about last week) Which include streamlining the “D Street” corridor, including a larger demonstration kitchen as well as multi-purpose rooms. Did you know each aisle in RTM has a letter designation.

The night kicked off with a wild cook off with local personalities paired with celebrity chefs including (Chef Joseph Poon and 6ABC’s Alicia Vitarelli. Also on hand 6ABC’s Sarah Bloomquist, CBS 3’s Jim Donovan and Dave Huddleston; NBC 10’s Lu Ann Cahn; Mix 106.1’s Donna Storm; the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Rick Nichols, Where Magazine’s Laura Burkhardt, and cookbook author and former news anchor Janet Zappala)

Michael Schulson, Joseph Poon, Delilah Winder, and Daniel Stern in an aphrodisiac mystery-ingredient cook-off. (The mystery was solved as the cooks were given red hot candies, heart shaped marshmallows and coco-puffs that had to be incorporated into their dish.)

Which two chefs break out into a food fight?

Delilah’s dish pictured above looked beautiful and was tasty Donna Storm told me. Delilah successfully used all three secret ingredients & it tasted delicious to boot.

The Winner (s) are….

Juliet Sardoy, Laurel Fairworth, Delilah Winder, Sarah Bloomquist and Jacqueline Marcia, Brazil Productions. We met these girls back in August at Joselio Hanson’s bday party at Tequila’s if you recall.

After the VIP party cook off it was out to the main floor to enjoy the festivities of The Heat of the night, above Kristen Holahan, Catherine Holahan and Crissy MacDonald decide where they should go next.

Where Magazine Publisher Laura Burkhardt and my Mike Toub.

Dan Marino and Tiffany Brower. I said to Dan, that name sounds familiar. He said “it’s a football players”; If I’m recalling it I imagine he gets it all the time cause I am not football fan outside of the Eagles.

Robert and Cheryl Swinton; also seen in the market Sharon Pinkenson and Joe Weiss, Paul Levy and Carrie Rickey, Lee van de Velde, Albert and Joanne DiSanto. Mayor Nutter was unable to attend as it was his daughter’s birthday.

Maria D’Ambrosio and Edward Glover with Jimmy and Terry Iovine in the background. Their faces were done by Peanut Butter’s Bacon (Becca Craig) and Ohh La La (Jennifer Vessells)

Tootsie Iovine (sister of the Iovine Brothers) and Kristen Holahan (her parents own Pennsylvania General Store where you could have any cookie or chocolate delight in the glass case). Tootsie owns the salad bar, which was fully stock for your choosing.

Behind the cash register is a photo of Tootsie and her 11 siblings, as well as a photo of their parents wedding – Molly Malloy and Mr Iovine who’s first name I didn’t capture, silly me.

You will recall that Molly Malloy is the name of new Gastro Pub the Iovine Brothers are opening in the market replacing the long standing Beer Garden. Jimmy Iovine tells me the space will be bigger and Chef Bobby Fisher will be created a farm fresh menu with produce from the Iovine Market.

As well as provide soup, salads and plenty of dishes to satisfy a carnivore.

There was also dancing at the market.

Michael Boghosian, Lorraine Gimblett, Jonathan Hudson and Joanne Jordan. Thanks for reading everyday. If you are out and you tell me you read I will make sure your pix appears on the site if you want. Sometimes folks are shy.

PhillyChitChat’s contest winner for the ticket to the Gala: Gena and Anthony Hennessy

Mark Beyerle of Specialty Productions executed the concepts and ideas from the committee members that work on the “Valentine to the Market” gala. Here he is with committee member former DA Lynn Abraham. It was an honor for me to meet her for the first time. We were 1 degree separated as she was my biggest client buying my Philadelphia photo note cards, which sold at the General Store on 20th Street in the early ’00’s (I told her I would be producing those cards again.)

Joan Rivera and his niece. Joan works for Specialty Productions and a lot of the decorating touches came from ideas he had

like the draping of the cabaret room where Karen Gross and Pat Robinson entertained the guests.

Keri White and Claire Batten from

Brian and Diane Rodgers with JoAnn and Brian Bongart. Later JoAnn, from Holiday Inn Express, and I would recall the 1950’s in dance as we boogied to “Runaround Sue” and “Buttercup.” I think I spun her entirely too much to the point of exhaustion.

Dave Onesti, George Flowers and Kathy Lens enjoy their Bassetts ice cream.

David H on Yelp describes the Reading Terminal “Like the Liberty Bell, cheesesteaks, and that pesky city wage tax, the Reading Terminal Market is one of those things that makes Philadelphia uniquely Philadelphia.

Yes, it’s a historical site, but more importantly, it’s full of vendors selling delicious food. There’s something for everyone: Amish sellers are there part of the week, and you can pick up groceries or get your grub on if you’re in the mood for a cheesesteak, Thai, Indian, ice cream, oysters – you name it.”

Susan and Jerry Rosenfeld enjoyed the evening with Susan’s sister and committee member, Phyllis Halpern.

Sandra Toney, Charita Powell, with Betty Thomspson and Bobby Iovine who both work at Tootsie’s Salad Bar.Rachel Shaw and Peter Hara. Black tie optional doesn’t always mean black tie, it also means sharp dressing and these too look fantastic in threads.

Ross and Dara Donolaw

Bassetts is for lovers: On the left Roger Bassett met his future wife Mary when she applied for a job at the famed ice cream place over 20 years ago, and more recently Roger and Mia Caulfield met his wife as they worked side by side at Bassetts.

(Disclosure I was hired to photograph this event and I had a great time.)