RANDOM SHOTS OF INTEREST I think, Little Tidbits U might Want to know

I stopped by The Corner last night for a bite to eat with my friend Megan Smith. Megan is working hard on The Dancing with the Philadelphia Stars event which is coming up on 4/10/11. Congrats to Megan who was on the cover of Phila Biz Journal last week in an article on small businesses run by women.

I chatted with John “Chainsaw” Taus. He tells me that he is taking over the kitchen and prepping some of his signature dishes ready for the new menu which is going to reflect the kinda food he made that made us all first fall in love with him from his Snackbar days. Don’t take my word for it ask Craig LaBan, the Inquirer Restaurant Critic who always gave him high marks. I had my fav Calamari and also a new dish Mussels. The photo didn’t come out that great so I can’t show you it, but they are from Blue Bay; they come in a red sauce and were really good and succulent. Only $12 bucks for 20 of them. Bargain.
A few weeks back I stopped by Egan Day (260 S. 16th Street), which is owned by Kate Egan and Cort Day, to check out the first in a series of fund-raising program to raise necessary dollars for an arts-focused summer workshop in partnership with Arise Academy, a Philadelphia-based, public charter high school that specifically targets students in foster placements and offers them much needed support and resources to keep them in school and engaged. Above Kate Egan, multimedia artist Leah Singer, Cort Day and Mary from Arise Academy. Singer’s work will be on display at the retailer through March 12, 2011 says Meredith Lindemon of Meredith Communication
Zelinda Barnes, Where Magazine, is having a baby. Where Magazine and friends held a baby shower in her honor at Square 1682 recently. Congrats to the Barnes’!!
Speaking of the Barnes, it’s coming along. They had a Christmas Tree and flag posted on the highest beam, as is tradition when they top off a building, but it’s gone now either because of the wind, or maybe they are planning to do a ceremony.
Philadelphia’s Gay Business and Career Development Network (GPPN) and the Independent Business Association (IBA) held a joint networking event at Kokopelli. Above founder of GPPN Thom Cardwell and Michael Williams, Sr Construction Manager at Hill International, network. Thom tells me that The Philadelphia Cinema Alliance is proud to announce the return of Philadelphia CineFest. From April 7th thru the 14th, across 5 venues, and featuring over 60 feature films (including numerous U.S. and World premieres). This year they will be holding two large scale outdoor events. The CITY WILL BE BUZZING as the film festival falls right at the beginning of PAFIA which begins 4/7 and continues til 5/1
A gift shop in the Bourse bought this replica on Ebay.
Another gift shop at the Bourse sells smaller Liberty Bells and the Statue of Liberty? #Fail What are the chances NYC sells Liberty Bells?
Splenda must be hurting Sweet & Low as it’s been eons since I have seen them advertise. I’ll switch to Sweet & Low if they want to advertise with me!
Is doing renovations per

Grubby Gossip

Perrier is going to renovate the entire restaurant, not just the upstairs. Le Bar Lyonnais is getting a complete makeover as well. But I already knew that. Le Bar is being gutted, tables are coming out and a wall banquette is going in with cocktail tables. Renovations on the bathroom too, and say good bye to the coat room, which was always a little scary since it was unattended every time I went there. Glad to have Georges stay. He’s a character that I am just getting to know.

I haven’t been to Recess to dance lately. I feel like I neglect them. Sorry. I do love this club at 2nd & Walnut. Plus there’s parking right above the club. Great dancing, but get there early, it gets packed and it’s a pretty intimate place.
I was there during the day a few weeks ago when I did my test tape for the reality show that I’m not supposed to talk about that will be filmed in Philly. The email said it was “socialite” based, but I ask you do these glasses, keys and CVS Value Card look like they belong to a socialite, just sayin’
Window Shopping: This week I will be one of the judges for the Philadelphia Flower Show decorative windows. This is not one of them. This is at Diesel, and for