Bradley Cooper in Town, & The Nicole Miller Fashion Show Does the Bellevue in Style

This weekend was Social Calendar BLOWOUT. Really I’m trying to create a comprehensive calendar for Philadelphia so there’s not a conflict like having the Flower Show Gala and the Red Ball on the same night. Thankfully the Flower Show started early for me, and I got over to the Red Ball about 9:30PM. Friday night I hit a great party at Girard College that I will write about on Wednesday.Last night I was invited to a private screening of Jenkintown’s own Bradley Cooper who came back to Philly to show his hometown the film, Limitless, which was filmed in Philly. The film is great. The story is motivating, thankfully we don’t have to take a drug to reach the dreams we all have in life. It’s action packed, drama, and horror. Kill me now, there will be no living with Arthur Kade as he is prominently shown in the Union Trust scene. I loved, loved, loved guessing all the Philly locations and since I was shot many of sets and reported on them it was awesome to see how close to my descriptions some of them turned out to be. Thank you tipsters!! Funniest quote from Cooper during the Q&A “The only language he spoke before the movie was filmed was French, but his grandparents did show him a lot of Italian gestures when he was growing up.” LIMITLESS OPENS MARCH 18, so while you’re nursing your St. Patrick’s Day hangover, go check out how Bradley Cooper deals with his.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the Bellevue Gets Engaged featuring Nicole Miller’s Bridal Collection. It was my 3rd year going, I love weddings, and especially brides. Such happy occasion, so many hopes and dreams can be found in one room and the big girls plan out all their little girls fantasy weddings. How about the Wedding Cake? (One of my favorites, Classic Cake above) Did you know that Brown Betty Cupcakes also does wedding cakes, it’s true. (I once did a cupcake test at one of my parties and Brown Betty beat out Naked Chocolate & Philly Cupcake)
Night Cake is also a popular cake company in the Philly area.
Tommi Boutique & Spa in Center City does it all; Photos, Make up and cosmetic dentistry. Everything to make your special day beautiful.
I also recommend hiring Carie Brescia who does the make up of many of the local anchor folks we see on TV. With her is Gina Kelly.
(R) Alana Tosti, from Philadelphia Magazine’s Bridal Mag with her sister Alana Newton who is getting married July 2. WOW nothing like having a sister that is an expert on everything beautiful wedding.
Denise Fiske always brightens the day
One interesting face at Saturday’s event was every one’s favorite bachelor weatherman Fox 29’s John Bolaris. The only girl in his life right now is his 6 year old daughter Reina Sofia who has an eye for fashion and love Harry Potter. Posing with guests Monique Garcia, Sandy and Jamie Galasso and Marcy Garcia with designer Nicole Miller (red hair) and Mary Dougherty (r) who owns two Nicole Miller boutiques in Philadelphia.

Just like at Lincoln Center every season, the white chairs are in place with prominent names attached to them for the reserved seating
celebrities will do anything to get notice while they hone their craft, but once they achieve that status they wear sunglasses even indoors. Not that he’s a celebrity, but just sayin’
A trio of friends helping to pick out the right dress for the girl on the rights wedding in 2012.
Another prominent wedding this year will be Brianna D’Amico on the right. She’s hanging with her mom Lisa Gaudio who had a Cinderella wedding when she married Jimmy Kazanjian last year.
Camille Sledge belts one out for the EBE Paris band as her band mate dances to the tune.
Donna O’Brien, Carol Drumstas, Carol Collabelli, John Collabelli, Lauren O’Dorisio, Terry O’Dorisio and Inga D’Angelo. ( I tweeted Saturday night that D’Angelo’s dance floor was PACKED Saturday night and I stayed for just one dance cause it was so crazy fun. After covering 3 events I couldn’t do crazy at 1AM)
This dress helped the audience break into spontaneous applause. so pretty
Kayla Gillin in her flower outfit check out the shapely wedding dresses
Ian and Linda Swain, John Bolaris ReinaRose, Lauren Nelson, guest
I liked this splattered painted dress
a splash of color
red, pink, peach
shimmy shimmy

That fur on the left costs over $600 and is really beautiful. These dresses were stunning.

Wait Lauren O’Dorisio is shooting this dress. Could this be the one?
Left to right, Mary Dougherty, First Lady of Philadelphia, Lisa Nutter, Nicole Miller and behind her Margaret Hughes who I haven’t seen out and about in a long time.
Nicole Miller Girls: Mia Colona and Carly Horen-Walko
My favorite Lady Gaga style dress on the right. It weighs about 10lbs and only about 500 were made. Costs I think they said over $1200. It’s sparkly
Until next year when the Bellevue gets Engaged again. You really must go next year, you don’t have to be a bride, all you have to have is a fantasy.