While the boys of green play the field their wives and girlfriends aren’t only sitting in the stands cheering them on, but they are also out making a difference in the world through charity functions as well as business ventures. This past year I’ve written about Renee Reese and her charitable ventures including the Philadelphia Eagles wives playing the Washington Redskins wives in a charity basketball game,and Tammy Reid and Lindsay Mornhinweg hosting a charity fashion show; in a little bit I will tell you about a few other Eagles player’s squeezes biz. But before I get to that this past weekend (Also check out today’s entry to read about the Jersey Shore cast in Philly last week. And sign up to get PhillyChitChat delivered to your in box every day. The subscription form is on the left mid way down.)Susie Celek competed in a non-sanctioned boxing match Saturday night at the Sporting Club at the Bellevue in Center City.
Hubby Brent Celek checks to make sure Susie is ok.
A few of the card girls Ariel Bronstein, Kayla Gillin, Rachel Mednick and Kelly Burke
In the end Susie won her match against Wendy Burke who put up a great fight in the 3 rounds. Check out Susie’s next fight at the Golden Gloves March 26th- It’s in Barnesville, Pa about 2 hrs from Philadelphia.Susie asked me to be on Team Celek and even got me a T-Shirt, but because of my crazy schedule Saturday night I didn’t make it over to see here big night. But in her corner were BFF’s G-N Kang and Julie Dorenbos. Earlier in the week I shot the behind the scenes of photos that will be appearing in their new advertisements promoting their new businessSusie and Julie’s new venture called Skin Palette spray tanning salon will be located in Center City and it’s no joke, opening on April 1. A few of their friends came out to the shoot to help spread the word about the new business. Julie is a certified Sunless Tanning Expert and Co-Founder of Skin Palette. She grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia spending every summer at the Jersey Shore. Susie is a licensed certified esthetician, sunless tanning expert and Co Founder of Skin Palette. As a former All American swimmer and captain of the University of Cincinnati women’s crew team, she has diligently trained around water and under the sun roughly 15 years.

SEXY Girls: Julie Dorenbos, Kijafa Frink (Michael Vick’s fiance. Also a business owner of PNK Jewelery), G-N Kang, (Director of Operations for The Hamels Foundation), Amani (Joselio Hanson’s GF), and Susie Celek.
The final product from the shot above taken by Christopher GabelloPhotographer Christopher Gabello mugs for the camera with the girls. This week he is off to Paris shooting a huge job. The boy is doing well for himself. Get on his books before you say, I could have been photographed by Chris Gabello. Check out Skin Palette

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Shortly Susie will be launching her charity organization, working with women rebuilding their lives. “The B3 Project is still under development. Our vision is to help change the mind, body and spirit of the young ladies growing up in poverty. Hopefully with some feedback, inspiration, and support of local Philadelphian’s, this idea will move from concept to completion quickly and the implementation of this program and lifestyle enhancement for young girls will start making an immediate difference.”