The Philadelphia Belle, the Mommy Bloggers & Me

The Philadelphia Belle invited a few bloggers for a boat ride last Saturday night.Christened as the Mississippi Belle II in 1994, our four-deck, paddlewheel-style riverboat operated on its namesake river for much of her early career. After undergoing extensive $2 million remodeling, the new Philadelphia Belle will cruise upon the Delaware River from her new homeport of Penn’s Landing, between Chestnut and Market Streets, in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Belle is the largest vessel of its kind on the East Coast. The top deck is open, with three enclosed decks below where guests can enjoy first-rate entertainment, delicious food and beverages, and original artworks—all inspired by the best of Philadelphia. Total passenger capacity is 1,000 guests, with seated dining space available for approximately 700.Welcomed aboard by Captain Tim Gasparovic and John Carter
When I got the invite it said it was a night of bloggers on the Belle, I was thinking sounds good I like mixers with my fellow bloggers, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn there was going to be a whole bunch of bloggers I didn’t know. On Saturday I saw happy mommies tweeting about their up coming night on the Philadelphia Belle. Recently I had heard about the cult of Mommy bloggers and was excited to observe them in a setting not surrounded by their charges. What I learned from them is that they are organized and monetized. Like a mother bear they are protective and out to earn extra dough to put food on the table. Not much leaves their lips without a sponsor attached and money in the bank. They have created the new sales model for the future and business’ are paying attention.
One of the most popular mommy bloggers & tweeters is Cecily Kellogg with husband Charles O’Hay above (& who has his own interesting blog.)
Mike was with me, he liked the view from our window table. I’m happy when he’s happy cause he keeps us all happy allowing me to do this crazy fun blog.
Philly Frugal Mom (Linda Pham-Vertleih was on board too with her husband, Nicholas VertleihSugar House looked packed last Saturday night about 9PM
NJ Aquarium. Looks like the Nipper Dog stain glass windows have been replaced again on the old RCA building.
The Menu. There is several different menu options and price ranges for various cruises for the Belle which I have linked here
Mike LOVED the lobster bisque and
and his ravioli dish. I had the salad and the steak. I guess I am just spoiled eating at Del Frisco’s as I wasn’t a big fan, especially because of the demi glaze which was like brown gravy, but it could just be me as Gen Mom, who was seated next to me loved her steak. I heard the salmon was delicious. The salad was good, but I think I would go with the bisque next time, and I should have as the boat has an upscale feel and I should have gone with something I can’t get at Ruby Tuesday’s.
But the ride, the views, the band and dancing was well worth the price of $40 lunch tours – $75 (Saturday night) price tag, especially on a beautiful night, 3 hr tour.
Karla Trotman and Shannon Choe of Premier Baby Concierge
These two mommy bloggers business compliment each of and have become friends. Karla has Belly Button Boutique which specializes in products of comfort for pre- and postnatal women. Shannon’s business is about preparing the new mom for having a baby. Such fun and unique business ventures these two mommies created.
Many of the “mommy bloggers” don’t necessarily focus on their “blogs” anymore, what with raising a family, some running business’, etc can now get the word out through Twitter which allows them to micro-blog. It’s all very fascinating, and educational on how one can monetize their blog and branding. A few mommy bloggers on board
Gen Mom
Then it was off to dancing.
I would be surprised if the Philadelphia Belle wasn’t tapped by Philly Magazine and many other media outlets, as one of the most romantic dates in Philadelphia. It’s fun for friends and couples, and has some of the most beautiful views of the City from almost every point of view.