The Philadelphia Daily News New Fashion Column, MICA Madness Begins Today, Celebrity Spotting last night

Get Ready for Your Close Up, a familiar face is armed with a camera and is going after the style hit-stirs in Philadelphia
Comedians Kyle Erby and Sheryl Underwood are at the Liacouras Center tonight to appear in the Mike Epps Comedy Tour. Last night they were at the Ritz-Carlton enjoying a few late night snacks from Top Chef Jennifer Carrol at 10 Arts. Above Big Rube (Ruben Harley) and I rolled in after a party at Zarwin Baum law firm to chat about an upcoming column he is going to have in the Philadelphia Daily News. It’s based on a photographer that we both love who has been shooting for the NY Times for decades, Bill Cunningham. No doubt Big Rube is excited that Sheryl is rocking a green jacket for St Paddy’s Day.
As I’ve mentioned before my career inspiration is NYC celeb & social diarist photographers Patrick McMullen & Ron Gaella. I also admire, street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, but it takes a certain talent to take candid street photos without permission (the ledgendary photographer Robert Capa did a series of my favorite candid street photos which once had an exhibit at the Phila Art Museum.) The Philly Daily News is just about to expose it’s readers to Big Rube who is going to be doing a similar photo column & video in it’s paper beginning in April. Above is an example of the kinda work that Big Rube produces now. You can check it out on his blog StreetGazing. The kinda shots he will be going for are candid, sometimes with very little interaction of his subject. Big Rube will be covering the City on his bike, just like Cunningham. You are in for a treat as he’s got an expert eye for fashion having been reared by his grandmother who was a millinery, and his uncle who taught him how to use a camera. I really look forward to his video too as he’s going to do a narrative on how he chooses which subjects to shoot. To say I’m excited is an understatement, I’ve always been a fan of Big Rube’s work.
Wednesday night I headed out to Mica for a friends and family night. My invitation said HughE we need your unbiased opinion. It’s a practice run for the new Chestnut Hill restaurant
from chefs Chip Romanand Jason Cichonski, which opens TODAY.

Mike had the halibut. Mike really is a much better food critic than I as he is the cook in our house. He was in LOVE with this dish. OH but first let me tell you about my mix up. Mike and I actually arrived at Mica last Wednesday as I can sometimes be dizzy. After a few phone calls I realized that I was there on the wrong day. Last weekMica looked like this. No sign, no tables, just a space. I successfully won a buck from Mike when I told him that the restaurant would be in operation in a week. Sure enough the place looked awesome a week later. When Mike and I saw the 70 seat restaurant last week I had thought the space housed an old antique store or cobbler, but after chatting with Chip I learned that the flooring was reclaimed wood, as well as used in the tables. Chip told me the space was completely gutted from the previous tenant, a Mexican restaurant, down to adding the wainscoting. They even installed the original door that was stored in the basement. It then dawned on me, this is the exact kind of decor that fits right in with the landscape and sense of Chestnut Hill. The R7 Chestnut Hill East and the R8 Chestnut Hill West lines both terminate at Chestnut Hill and are nearby. I really need to spend a little more time there, it’s really adorable.I had the Baby Spanish octopus, licorice mayo, white asparagus, bacon. Delicious
I had the lamb which was
for dessert I had the coconut mango, which again was unbelievable.
On the recommendation of another diner, who seemed to have a Meg Ryan moment at the next table, Mike enjoyed this chocolate dessert that had tequila in the center. I had to restrain Mike from licking the plate. I think it was about this time I tweeted: Mica was fine dining and was more than just fine, it was awesome and fine enough for Craig LeBan to come by & review on opening night.
Run don’t walk to Mica for your next meal. You won’t regret it. I’m confident you’ll find the it foodelicious. 8609 Germantown Avenue 267-335-3912