A room with a view
Yesterday I mentioned about my bud Big Rube who is going to shoot street style for The Daily News. The style of shooting he is going to do is direct candid shooting where the subject may know he is photographing them to capture their style. I try and shoot that way but often get intimidated if folks can see what I am doing. I hate to invade their private space & or wrath of a tongue lashing. I often will shoot from the hip as they call it, no not to upskirt, just a very candid, natural setting shot.

Although these folks knew I was shooting them because their dogs are so adorable, and well they are being pushed in a doggie carriage.
I also do a lot of shots like this, especially for my twitter folks. It about getting the outfit, the most outlandish the better. And I mean outlandish and not always in a good way. These girls are styling it though.
I love this shot. I can’t figure out those shoes the guy on the left is wearing. They look very flat.
The end